A History of RuneScape Leagues

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RuneScape is a popular online game that has been around since 2001. During the first several years of its existence, RuneScape players primarily played through the free version of the game, which offered the basic gameplay and allowed players to create a character. That changed in 2007 when RuneScape was launched as a paid service. RuneScape had officially become a paid MMORPG.

A few years back, RuneScape was just a game, but with the introduction of Leagues, it became an immensely popular game, with many different types of Leagues for different players. In this post, we will be talking about the history of the RuneScape Leagues.

What is the Twisted League?

The Twisted League is a new RuneScape event exclusive to the RuneScape mobile platform, which has been running since the 21st of October. Twisted Leagues are a means of running new events to provide players with an exciting new way to play RuneScape, providing an alternative to traditional monthly and daily release schedules.

What are the Old School RuneScape Leagues?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Old School RuneScape Leagues. The most common myth is that the player-run Leagues are a cheap money-making scheme by Jagex that has ripped off the players. The reality is that they are a mix of nostalgia, community, and advertising.

In June of 2009, a player called “Izzie” from the RuneScape forums posted that he was starting a new, unofficial RuneScape league. Essentially, he wanted to run a league for players that would not be as strict as the official RuneScape Leagues, which Jagex themselves delivers. The idea was that the players themselves would organize the league, and each week they would be given a free choice of the leader board. The league would consist of teams playing an average of one official RuneScape game per night. Each week would also feature a guilty, who functioned as the official host of the league, who the results of the weekly polls would choose.

The Leagues

RuneScape players have been treated to an explosion of new official leagues in the last few years, ranging from 1% of the player base to over 40% of the player base. The largest, most popular leagues are now rivalling their primary competitor in size, with the most popular and most watched leagues even being available in multiple languages. These leagues are a boon to the game and provide an additional outlet for players.

Twisted League

When RuneScape debuted in 2001, no one could have predicted its impact on the gaming industry and on our lives as individuals.

Its annual Championship Weekend has grown in popularity and is now a global event in recent years.

Shattered Relics League

RuneScape is not just an online game; it is an obsession. With over six million accounts active on the game, over eight million hectares of land, and over two million members, the RuneScape community is massive. Even for those who are not regulars, the mere mention of the game is enough to bring up memories of the glorious days of Smurf from the early 2000s or the unique ways in which certain players chose to dress up their avatars. However, when you look at all the RuneScape histories, there is so much more to it than just that.

We hope the above has given you an insight into the RuneScape leagues and wish you luck with your gaming. The eSports out there can be considered a fantastic way to make playing online games even more competitive. With the many games and tournaments available to you, and the vast sums of prize money, it is well worth putting in plenty of gameplay through your chosen platform. One game can give you the much-needed skills for another.

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