A Guide to Help You Host the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday

Self-care aims to improve a person’s wellbeing. The phrase ‘Self-Care Sunday’ describes spending a Sunday putting yourself first. It could be spending an hour, a couple of hours or even the entire day focusing on your wellbeing by doing things that help you to recharge.

The importance of self-care is essential in helping people to take better care of themselves. It is an inexpensive treat that you can give yourself every Sunday or every day. If you have yet to participate in self-care, here are a few delightful benefits that you could be experiencing.

Delightful Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care provides an opportunity to focus on you—a moment in your day where you disconnect from the world and recharge. Unplugging yourself from being online and finding a balance can help a person recharge and prepare for a new day or week. It can offer the chance to focus on yourself and yourself first. This will help to create a more healthy and happier lifestyle. To take control of your health, you need to look after yourself physically and mentally.

Exercising regularly can help to improve you physically. It can help you to feel more energised and physically stronger. Additionally, it can help to reduce any health problems caused by a lack of exercise and care for your body. Taking care of yourself mentally can affect your mood and motivation to do things.

It is easy to forget to put yourself first. When life is busy, focusing and prioritising yourself is left on the backburner. It can make a noticeable difference to other aspects of your life. These are some of the benefits available to reap by practising self-care, and here are just a few of them.

Improvement In Sleep

Feeling stressed or anxious can impact your ability to sleep and the quality of your sleep. When you feel stressed about any issues in your life, you may find that you struggle with falling asleep. If and when you can fall asleep, you could be waking up multiple times throughout the night. The following day, the feeling of being stressed is still present, but you will also feel tired and drained of energy. A combination you do not want to experience on a Monday morning.

On your self-care Sunday, spending time away from screens, doing calming activities, and being around relaxing scents can help you unwind. Doing these activities before going to bed could help you feel more relaxed and peaceful. It could help to lull you to sleep.

Be More Productive

Practising self-care can help to make a positive difference in your productivity levels. You may find yourself focusing more on the areas of your life that matter most. By focusing on these areas, you will most likely avoid doing things that consume most of your time but are not productive or enjoyable. Due to this, the goals you have in mind and want to achieve will be more precise. When you know precisely what you want to achieve, you will likely be more motivated to accomplish the goal.

Help Boost Self-Esteem

Self-care is an easy, affordable and flexible way to help you relax. It can ease any overwhelming feelings you might be experiencing. It is achieved by spending quality time putting yourself first. During this time, when you focus on yourself, you might notice the positive impact it is having on how you view yourself. Looking after your mind and body treating yourself better and kinder can help alter your perception of yourself. You will likely begin to view yourself and compliment yourself better than before.

Ways To Practice Self-Care

Seeing the benefits that you could experience by practising self-care is enticing. Knowing how your body and mind could benefit from spending time taking care of yourself should be enough to motivate you into looking into ways to practice self-care.

Sunday is often the most popular time people choose to set time aside for self-care. Practising self-care on a Sunday helps to prepare you for the new week.

If you are unsure about where to start, here are various ways to practice self-care and create the ultimate self-care Sunday.

Practice Meditation – Meditation is a special way to practice self-care. For some, the consistent practising of meditation has positively impacted their lives. It can help to improve your focus whilst helping to reduce stress levels. Meditating is a great way to calm yourself and relax as you focus on breathing and being present in the moment.

Self-Pleasure – What was once a taboo topic is now a critical step in many people’s self-care routine. Many choose to spend their time using their favourite sex toys as a way to relax their body and mind, available from places such as Sinful. There is a booming market for sex toys for self-pleasure. Many sites will host a vast selection ranging in sizes and functions. It increases your chances of finding one that you like and works best for you.

Write A Journal – Journaling has become a popular hobby in recent years. Some choose to keep a gratitude journal, in which they write down why they are grateful. It enables them to reflect on the joyous moments in their lives, which can be easily forgotten about amid a hectic daily life. Spend a few minutes to write a couple of lines or a page about the things you are grateful for. Alternatively, your journal could be a place where you release all of the emotions and feeling you are experiencing. It can help you feel better, as you no longer hold onto these feelings.

Check-In With Yourself – We rarely have a moment to check in with ourselves in our busy daily lives. It does not have to be hours but take 5-10 minutes to check with yourself. You could do it after waking up or after consuming your morning coffee. Take the time to notice how you feel in your mind and body. If you think you have not exercised or moved your body much, set time aside to do a workout routine. It does not have to be intense; a gentle workout to get your heart rate up can help to release endorphins, helping you to feel happier. Alternatively, you may think you have spent too much time staring at a screen. As such, you might spend the day away from your phone and focus on doing things that do not require you to look at a screen.

Prepare For Your Self-Care Sunday

These ways, plus many more, could help you create the ultimate self-care Sunday. It could enable you to recharge after a stressful week and a busy weekend. Learning how to step back and focus on yourself can benefit you.

The tremendous advantage of self-care is that it does not need to be restricted to one day. It can extend beyond a Sunday afternoon or evening. You could practice self-care after work to unwind after a busy day. It could be practising self-care when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Finding self-care ways that work for you is the best way to create an effective self-care day. Over time, you will likely begin to notice the subtle differences in your lifestyle.

Rachael Wardle

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