The Most Popular Cocktails in the UK

Here in the UK, we know a good cocktail when we see one. You may think that cocktails are an import from across the pond, however did you know that some the first recipes for cocktails appeared in a British recipe book in 1869? A traditional English Summer Cup or Fruit Cup, has been around for centuries, made by combining a botanical or herb infused gin with soda or lemonade. In fact, one of the first famous British brands of Summer Cup was first produced way back in the 1820s.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and we still love a good cocktail. Today there are hundreds of varieties available to try, and so many different liqueurs and sprits that it’s really easy to make your own DIY creations at home.

The team at the UK Distilleries Hub are experts in all things cocktails. As a result, they’ve compiled some of the UK’s favourite tipples to create the ultimate guide to the most popular cocktails in the UK. Read on to find out what’s number one…

#5 Pornstar Martini

A relative newcomer to the world of cocktails, this sweet concoction has been making an appearance in cocktail bars since 2002 and was invented by a mixologist from London. Thanks to its fruity flavour and chaser of fizz, it’s no wonder that this cocktail ranks fifth in the list of the UK’s most popular cocktails.

Combine passionfruit juice, passionfruit liquor, vodka and lime juice and pour into a cocktail shaker with ice. Give it a good shake and serve chilled in a cocktail glass. Don’t forget the side of prosecco!

#4 Sex on the Beach

It’s not a holiday without a glass of Sex on the Beach by the pool! This classic cocktail is a medley of fruit flavours reminiscent of a tropical get away. One sip and you’ll be transported to a white sandy beach and surrounded by gentle blue waves. The perfect summer refresher!

To make your own Sex on the Beach at home, mix together vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice. Delicious.

#3 Espresso Martini

For all the coffee lovers out there, Espresso Martini is the perfect cocktail. Providing the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee combined with a sweet and creamy kick, an Espresso Martini has grown in popularity in recent years. Believed to have been invented in the 1980s, this is another cocktail which has its origins in a cocktail bar in London.

#2 Pina Colada

This cocktail was made famous in the 1979 hit from Rupert Holmes and is another staple of summer holidays. This truly tropical cocktail is super fruity and super creamy, creating a dessert like beverage which has similarities to sorbet.

Coconut cream makes a unique texture for this cocktail, and combined with fresh pineapple juice and a perfect taste of a white rum like John Paul Jones White Rum, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy on a warm summers evening lazing by the pool.

Complete the look with a cherry and cocktail umbrella – Del Boy would be impressed!

#1 Mojito

Coming in at number one is this minty favourite. Another exotic cocktail, the mojito’s origins come from tropical Cuba and its refreshing flavour can be enjoyed all year round. Lime and mint form the foundations of this cocktail, containing fresh lime slices and fresh mint leaves to give it a real kick. This is added to white rum and sugar syrup before soda is added for extra fizz. Pour into a tall high ball glass and garnish with lime to enjoy the UK’s number one cocktail!

Anabel Cooper

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