How Kind to the Planet is Your Candle Collection?

With beauty journalists heralding 2022 the year of ‘the fragrance’, there’s never been a better time to renew your home scenting collection. Burning a scented candle is one of our favourite routes to introduce aroma into a room, as a flickering votive emanates ambience and radiates a sense of calm and warmth. Whilst it might be tempting to head to the supermarket to stock up on candles for every room, it’s worth bearing in mind that not all candles are made alike, particularly when it comes to the footprint they leave behind on our planet. 

If you’re seeking a candle with green credentials, here are some key considerations to look out for before you buy and burn.

➢ Vegan 

Two ingredients often used in candle production that are strictly not vegan are beeswax and animal fats known as ‘steraic acid’. Both harden the candle wax in the production process but come at a cost to our fluffy friends in the world of nature. Beeswax may sound innocuous; however, it is a source of food for bees and leaves bumbles without when removed from the hive. Which is why soy-based candles are a go-to choice for vegans, as the wax is completely natural, doesn’t contain animal by-products and offers a clean burn. 

➢ Cruelty-free 

You’ll be familiar with cruelty-free beauty: an industry-wide standard given to products that have not been tested on animals. But do your home scenting choices adhere to the same standards? It’s not something we’d necessarily think to seek out on the packaging, however, ingredients in our favourite brands could have been tested on animals too. Look out for the cruelty-free logo, for confirmation your candle of choice has been made responsibly, with animal welfare in mind. 

➢ Fully recyclable 

Candles don’t need to leave a footprint on the environment – avoid candles with single-use plastic wrappers, unnecessary layers of packaging and seek out recycled glass options. There’s no reason why your candle shouldn’t be fully recyclable from the votive through to the packaging. And once your candle has burnt, consider repurposing and upcycling your votive as a make-up brush holder, bud vase or stationary tidy, rather than tossing in the trash. Remove any leftover wax from your candle holder by pouring boiling water into the votive, allowing to cool and removing the hardened wax from the votive. 

➢ Organic and pollutant free

When you consider you are inhaling the scents a candle emanates, a pollutant-free burn will offer peace of mind that you can breathe in with zero irritation. An organic ingredient list will offer further reassurance that your candle is nothing but the good stuff into your home. This is where a soy-based candle is a great option again – soy is a naturally-sourced, eco-friendly ingredient, and without the addition of synthetic chemicals, these candles are considered better for you.

A brand ticking all these boxes, without compromising on aesthetics, is Nooraa. Noora’s made-in-England candles offer ‘homegrown calm’ and are organic, fully recyclable, cruelty-free and vegan. 

The stylish votives are crafted in a palette of muted tones blushes, sages, taupes and soft greys, that promote a sense of hygge from their very presence.

Our favourite scent in the collection is Bloom candle that blends Rock Rose & Pink Pepper, a scent pairing that strikes the delicate balance between the refreshing – pink pepper oil, and the soothing – rose oil, creating a delightful floral fragrance that stimulates, soothes and comforts. 

Whilst it’s cold outside, there’s no better time to hibernate with a beautifully fragranced candle, that offers a completely clean and green burn. 

Sophie Green

Sophie Green is PR Manager for a designer flash sale website and part-time fashion blogger, having founded her fashion and shopping blog in 2012. Finding a passion for the industry at a young age, Sophie studied Fashion Communications at university and has worked in the industry for over a decade, heading up the PR departments of several fashion and fine jewellery brands. Through her fashion blog she has worked on campaigns with brands including UGG Australia, La Redoute and Headmasters and counts sitting opposite Anna Wintour at the Topshop Unique LFW show as a career highlight! Outside of work Sophie likes to unwind by hitting the gym for a boxing class or ‘researching’ the best G&T’s the capital has to offer. Her fashion obsession is sequins, with an entire section of her wardrobe dedicated to all things-sparkly!