How Popular Smart Technology Can Help To Improve Your Homelife

Today in the UK, very few people don’t have access to at least one piece of smart technology. While not everyone has smart lighting installed in their homes, around 63 million people in the UK use a smartphone—nearly triple the amount that had one just a decade ago. With the total population of the UK sitting at around 67 million people, it’s fair to say that these handheld devices have fully integrated into our society. 

This upward trend in uptake of Smart Home Technology Installation suggests that other devices, which can link to our smartphones providing us with wireless, distant access, will become much more popular over the coming years. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the most useful smart technologies that have been helping us throughout the years and which are likely to be adopted by many more consumers.


As the months get colder, many of us resist putting the heating on until we just can’t stand it any longer. The problem is, especially when moving into a new home, it can be tricky to figure how on earth these older devices work. A smart thermostat on the other hand is much easier to work out and program, especially because they can be controlled by our smart devices. Not only that, but these smart thermostats can also be interacted with when you’re away from home, so that on those particularly cold nights out, you can get the heating switched on before you get home so that it’s nice and warm when you step inside.


Our kitchens are becoming the next focus for many of our smart device needs. Connectivity with our smartphones means that refrigerators can update us on which ingredients we’re missing, and even give us reminders for our grocery shopping. Many also serve as a hub for useful information to start off our day such as news headlines and general reminders for events. After all, most of us go to the fridge in the morning so this is a perfect space to receive a mental nudge about a birthday or a meeting you’d forgotten about. 

Other smart appliances like ovens benefit from distant connectivity, allowing us to turn them on and off, allowing us to preheat them or make sure they’re switched off if we leave in a hurry, providing us with peace of mind that we’re not wasting power or putting our homes at risk.


There are some useful systems that have predated smart technologies but are becoming more and more integrated with this new way of life. In fact, for some of these technologies, while they can be incorporated into smart systems using smart plugs and adapters, their popularity continues to grow regardless. 

Take remote control blinds for example. Not only do these stop you from having to fiddle with a rudimentary pulley system, but you can also open and close them at the press of a button without having to leave your chair or bed—perfect for those Sunday lie-ins. 

Smart blinds can save you time and effort, while also looking stylish and unique. To find out more about how to incorporate these into your home, visit


One of the first steps towards creating a smart home is often getting yourself smart light bulbs. These are not only great for entry-level smart device users, but they’re also really useful too. These bulbs allow you to change the brightness without the need of a dimmer switch, as well as the shade of whites and yellows, helping to completely change the tone of your room. As well as this, there are also full-spectrum colour changing bulbs too if you’re after a quirkier feel to your home. 

One of the great things about these is being able to set timers for these bulbs and even being able to switch them on remotely, increasing your security and peace of mind, as it can make your home look like someone is there which can deter thieves.

When it comes to enhancing the ambiance of your home for special occasions like holidays, consider the convenience of professional assistance such as Holiday Light Installation Services in Lucas County, Ohio. These experts offer invaluable help in adorning your home with festive lights, ensuring a captivating display that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the season. By entrusting these services, you can bypass the hassle of untangling strings of lights and scaling ladders, allowing you to relax and bask in the holiday magic while your home radiates with festive joy.


As well as all of these useful applications for smart technology, we also get some great use out of smart entertainment systems such as televisions and AI smart speakers like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Not only do these AI speakers allow for voice controls over our other smart devices, but they also act as speakers for music and radio. 

Our TVs are also becoming better equipped with smart technology, featuring entertainment apps for TV shows and movies that we may find on our portable devices, among other things like the ability to cast content to our TV screen from our smartphones too.


On the back of that great use of smart lighting, there are lots of different smart security systems available today which can also be integrated into your current systems such as your phone. Outdoor motion sensing spotlights combined with outdoor cameras and doorbells make for both excellent deterrents and give you the ability to check everything is in order, whether you’re inside your house or off the propertyentirely. Smart alarm systems are also popular, which can be modified with a combination of motion sensors and contact sensors for doors and windows that can alert homeowners when opened. 

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