Interesting Facts About CBD That You May Not Know

Most of the general public is aware of CBD, but not that many know anything specific about the substance or the medical cannabis market.

There is already a ton of readily available information about CBD, as well as a string of misinformed rumors. Anyone who has taken CBD oil before can vouch for its usefulness. However, it’s also crucial to acknowledge the importance of medical cannabis beyond just CBD. We suggest trying a premium CBD oil peppermint flavor if that matches your taste.

When it comes to cannabis consumption, responsible use is key to a safe and enjoyable experience.

However, do you know everything there is to know about CBD? Here are some interesting facts that you may want to know.

It Has Been Around For A Long Time

CBD has reached a peak level in public consciousness in recent years, but it is not a new phenomenon as there are currently 35.73 million people who use cannabis. It was first discovered and introduced around the 1940s.

The cannabis plant had been used for over a thousand years before hand but was made illegal due its addictive and psychedelic properties. Researchers wanted to know whether you could still get some of the healing and relaxing properties from cannabis without the side-effects that led to its ban.

In 1940, scientists were able to extract CBD oil from the plant, the same topical cannabis oil that is used today. 

It Is Only Legal Without THC

The CBD extracted in the 1940’s was pronounced as legal because it does not contain the chemical known as THC. THC is the element within cannabis that makes it a psychedelic drug, a part of why it is so addictive.

Therefore, CBD cannot be sold legally in the UK if it contains any traces of THC. That is why CBD is safe to use and not addictive in any way. You can find a whole range of CBD oils from PureKana where you can get yourself more familiar with the concept too.

CBD Is Helpful In More Ways Than One

If you are a regular user of CBD products then there is a high chance that you are aware of its immediate benefits. CBD targets the nervous system to relive pain and cause a relaxed sensation. These properties are good for people that suffer from chronic pain or mental health issues, and you can find a wide range of oils and edibles at flawless cbd. However, there is more to CBD than you may have realised.

Recent research has suggested that CBD can help improve your brain functions. This substance has been used to try and recover lost memories that fade to due to neurological illnesses. These studies found that the participants in their study did receive a slight boost to their call back ability, as well as increased brain function. It is believed that the oil is able to unlock neural pathways, making it easier for information to be passed around the brain. However, try to remember that this research is still in its early stages and further studies could disprove this hypothesis.

Other studies have looked into the effectiveness of CBD in fighting cancer. While pain management solutions such as this are often used in cancer treatment, there is evidence to suggest that CBD can slow down cancerous cells. This treatment is normally paired with a small dose of THC making it illegal for recreational use, but it does go to show how impressive CBD oil can be.

It Comes In Many Forms

The most common way to take CBD oil is encased in a supplement. Many people find that it is akin to taking a daily vitamin. However, there are cases where people smoke the stuff, drink it or have CBD oil edibles. Companies like CBD Queen offer a wide range of options, so you can find the one that you enjoy the most.

It is all about personal preference, but CBD edibles are great a great way to consume the product without the immediate association of other drug types. You can put the oil in a dissolvable sweet or an edible gummy. The choices are endless when finding a way to consume CBD.

CBD Is Used To Fight Addiction

It sounds like a ridiculous idea to combat drug addiction with the use of another drug, but that is entirely possible with CBD. 

Some doctors have been known to suggest CBD to fight off the side effects of withdrawal from stronger drugs, especially cannabis. Shop at Stiiizy Soma if you want to try cannabis.

The CBD lessens the withdrawal symptoms you can experience when coming off of these harsh narcotics, and it can even act as a placebo for cannabis. You are still receiving some of the side effects that come from taking the drug but it is not an addictive or harmful substance.

You are essential replacing one toxin for another one that is far less harmful.

It Can Be Taken By Animals

One of the most bizarre uses for CBD, giving the substance to your pet is perfectly safe in most cases. The solution has some of the same effects on animals as it does humans which is why some vets will prescribe it for pain management.

However, an animal has a different system to ours and so cannot tolerate as much. Furthermore, other studies have shown that constant use of CBD in dogs can increase the enzyme levels in their liver, which can lead to cancer.

While it is safe to give CBD to your animals, only do so in small doses and with guidance from your vet.


Now that you are more informed about the subject, you can reliably discuss the use of CBD with anyone you see fit. You may not have changed your mind on the matter, but at least now you know the important stuff about CBD oil.

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