The Best Casino Films for Your Perusal (If You Haven’t Watched them Already…)

Thrilling storylines, epic action, and dreams made or lost is what we can expect from a good old casino film. These films not only provide us with some blockbuster entertainment, but they also have the ability to make us feel like we are living a real-life casino experience as people like to visit casinos annd play the best casino games at sites like 탑플레이어 머니상. What’s more, nothing highlights just how much casinos have changed over the years than when we check out casino films from the past. An example of this would be that players used to take what money they had, and risk it for the chance to change their lives, but these days you can get free spins no deposit, meaning that you can gamble for free in a real casino! We are going to look at what we think are the best casino films, and we recommend that you see them if you haven’t already.

Owning Mahowny (2003)

This 2003, Phillip Seymour Hoffman film, is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Dan Mahowny (Philip Seymour Hoffman), works as a banker in Toronto, and gains access to bigger bank accounts the more he advances in his career. As he makes his way to becoming assistant branch manager, Mahowny now has access to millions of dollars and ends up skimming to feed his gambling addiction. He makes regular visits to a casino in Atlantic City where he is given the red-carpet treatment.

Mahowny is up and down on his luck, as you get to experience the true emotions of problem gambling, thanks to this stunning performance by Hoffman. Mahowny’s girlfriend and colleague, Belinda (Minnie Driver), gets caught in the downward spiral as the heat is turned up on Mahowny, with the Toronto Police hot on his tail. 

21 (2008)

21 takes you on a card counting journey of a team of young MIT students who have been put together by their professor. Kevin Spacey plays the strict, no-nonsense professor, who teaches this group of brilliant minds the art of counting cards.

Mickey (Kevin Spacey), quickly recognises the potential in Ben (Jim Sturgess), for his ability to quickly, but more importantly, outside of the box. Ben needs to make some money quick if he is to fulfill his dream of going to Harvard School of Medicine, and is overcome with pressure to join the team.

The team set off on trips to Las Vegas, working together to get a big edge over the house, and ultimately win large amounts of cash. Unfortunately, the emotion is uncontrollably tense, and things start to become difficult for the team, as scheming and a lack of trust sets in.

Rounders (1998)

Matt Damon and Edward Norton team up in this 90’s poker classic. The movie kicks off with Mike (Matt Damon) losing his entire bankroll to Teddy KGB (John Malkovich), a Russian gangster, in an underground poker game. Mike is devastated by this loss and decides to quit poker to take up a straighter way of life.

Worm (Edward Norton) is released from prison, and quickly meets up with his long-time friend, Mike again. Worm is a keen poker player, but is lacking in common sense. Mike tries to help out Worm, but his generosity only seems to dig himself into a worse position, and ultimately has to get back into the poker scene again to pay off the multiple debts that Worm is racking up. This leads Mike to a showdown with nemesis, Teddy KGB, but the result this time is quite different.

Notable Mentions

There is not a shortage of great casino films, but these are our top 3. Titles like, Casino Royale, Casino, and The Gambler, almost made the list, but just missed out. All the films mentioned are well worth a watch, and who knows, you may pick up some tips for yourself!

Anabel Cooper

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