What are the Best Coffee Subscriptions Of 2021?

To say that coffee is popular but in the United States is a bit of an understatement. Americans consume around 400 million cups of coffee every day. That makes the U.S. the leading consumer of coffee in the world. For many people, the search for a better cup of Joe is an all-consuming passion – which is why coffee subscriptions have exploded in popularity. However, these subscriptions have become so popular that choosing a subscription can be a bewildering business – the myriad of choices (each with perks and unique offerings) can threaten to overwhelm even the most avid of coffee fans.

To make that choice a little easier here are five coffee subscriptions that stand out from the crowd in 2021.

1. Blue Bottle.

For sheer variety and the ability to easily personalize your subscription (select from single origin, blends, espresso, decaf, or cold brew) Blue Bottle is hard to beat. The variety of different coffees is impressive. They offer free shipping and access to products that may not be available elsewhere. the fact that they ship your coffee with 48 hours of roasting means that you are receiving your beans at peak freshness. Subscriptions start at $11 – and that is a great value. 

2. Trade.

If you are the type of coffee lover who wants to push the envelope and enjoy a new coffee experience on a regular basis then Trade has the subscription for you. Their inventory of over 400 different types of coffees will satisfy even the most curious of consumers. Coffees are sourced from producers all over the world and the quiz on-site will allow Trade to make recommendations that will match your unique needs. Personalizing factors such as grind size and how often you’d like to get your delivery – and how much coffee you’ll need means that this offering will not leave you wanting more. Each coffee comes complete with notes on why it has been selected and recommendations on how to prepare the perfect cup. Expect to pay $14 per bag.

3. Mistobox.

Another great offering that allows incredible personalization of your subscription. You can choose from a truly staggering 590 coffees, select grind size, roast level and choose from single origin, espresso, blend, or decaf beans. The quiz on-site features seven questions designed to make your choice easier. MIstoboxdoesn’t add all the extras that other subscription boxes provide – but if you want enormous choice then this is the coffee subscription for you. Subscriptions start at $10.95. 

4. Atlas Coffee Club.

If you want to experience global coffee in the comfort of your own home then Atlas Coffee Club is the perfect solution. They provide single-origin craft coffee from one of over 50 countries in each subscription delivery. The coffees are produced by independent coffee roasters and each delivery comes with a neat postcard with information on the country of origin, brewing guidelines, and tasting notes. Each full bag will cost $14 – but there are delivery charges on top of that, making this among the more pricey options for a coffee subscription. 

5. Grounds and Hounds Coffee Company.

This one is fairly unique in that it will donate 20% of all profits to organizations involved in dog rescue. If you are a dog lover then this is the coffee subscription for you. The names of the roasts will also provide a smile, with varieties like Morning Walk and Paper & Slippers (the decaf offering is called Hush Puppy). Great quality, but the selection is not as extensive as that offered by other coffee subscription providers. You’ll be paying $14 a bag and $2 for shipping.

If you want to give that perfect gift to the coffee lover in your life or want to explore the outer reaches of the coffee universe, then a subscription is the way to go. Giving or receiving, both will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.