How Technology Changed Our Lifestyle

The world has been evolving and changing fast. Ever since the 21st century, the introduction of technology in our lives has changed us for the better. Technology has been impacting almost every aspect of our life from our social life to our work life and even our private life. While the main premise of technology is to make our life easier, it could also be the key to stopping many catastrophes. Due to the increasing importance of technology in our daily lives, making sure you have a speedy internet connection is fundamental. You can test your internet speed with a wifi speed test.

Technology has reshaped the way we handle communication, transport, banking, and many other avenues of our life. There are some drawbacks related to the ever-evolving technology as well however the benefits far outweigh them. There have been many movies with the main premise displaying the future of technology as a bad thing, though there’s little to no risk involved. Given below are some of the breakthroughs in our lives that technology has granted us. 

The Internet

Deemed as a necessity by many, the internet is a worldwide web that connects us to the rest of the world. The internet can be considered the foundation of a variety of benefits, think of it like the electricity flowing through your house and lighting up all the different bulbs. So you want to make sure you have the fastest and efficient internet installed. Both on your phone, tablet and in your home. Hence, you want to research the best internet provider in your area.

1: Shopping 

One of the benefits the internet grants us is the ability to shop online via different websites and apps. From clothes to mobile phones to even furniture, you can purchase pretty much anything online and it is delivered to your doorstep. Online retailers such as Amazon are known for their giant catalogue of things to purchase. 

2: Social Media

Social media apps are the pillars holding online communication together. Calling, texting, and video conferencing have been made significantly easier and can be done by the press of a button. 

Apart from communicating, there are apps designed to tell you what’s been going on in someone’s life and where they are currently. Others are made for people who value privacy and are only interested in texting. Overall, there seems to be something for everyone available to download. 

3: News and Questions 

The term “ Google it “ is recognized worldwide and refers to the ability for an individual to search online for anything that they don’t know. Whether it’s a complicated question about a disease or ingredients for a dish, googling it will usually have the exact details. 

Similarly, many people use the internet as their main source of news. They keep themselves updated on the local and even international news via the internet. Current happenings of the world are often updated instantly on the internet. 

4: Entertainment

Entertainment is found everywhere on the internet, from millions of videos uploaded on Youtube to the thousands of free games available on Crazy Games. The internet houses many different websites and most of them are based on entertainment.


Technology has provided many advances to the healthcare industry in the form of research sources and an overall smoother workflow to help improve patient experience. Another simple addition made by technology to improve well-being is the wearables that keep an eye on our health. These wearables are devised to track our heartbeat, how much exercise we get in a day, and overall statistics of our health. 

The implementation of robotics in healthcare is considered a significant improvement towards better, safer, and more accurate surgeries. State-of-the-art robotics much like the ones available at are changing the way we handle healthcare. The most recent discovery for healthcare technology is the use of 3D Printing. Artificial limbs can be made in an inexpensive yet durable way that makes these types of treatments more accessible to the general public.

Education And Work

Education and work have been forever changed since the implementation of technology. Ever since Covid 19, education has shifted to that of an online era, where classrooms are video conferences and homework is scanned and sent online. Technology has singlehandedly allowed schools and colleges to continue amongst Corona. In terms of work, many companies have shifted to a work-from-home regime and some individuals actually prefer it.


Technology nowadays in terms of transport is moving towards energy-efficient and self-driving vehicles. Gas-powered vehicles are becoming a thing of the past as companies like Tesla innovate towards electric vehicles. These electric vehicles do not consume gas and instead need to be charged to be able to drive, they are also immensely better for the environment. 

Similarly, train transport in some countries has shifted to the Maglev train which is not only faster and healthier for the environment but also more efficient than conventional trains. Aerial transport has seen much progress over the years and newer airplanes are able to travel distances halfway around the world making travelling internationally that much easier. 


Technology as a whole is improving at a fast pace and for the better. As more breakthroughs and advances are made, the better life gets for us. World issues like climate change can also be solved via technology such as the implementation of electric cars or 3D Printing to help the environment. The right use of this technology can go a long way for us. 

Ade Holder

Ade is a professional digital content writer specialising in anything from motoring and lifestyle to science, health and business too! With years of experience working in a range of sectors Ade simply loves to write! Always in the process of working up new content, Ade is spreading positivity daily at Your Coffee Break Magazine and in other publications online such as Fine Magazine and Archant Life.