Tips for New Car Buyers

Truth be told, your first car is like your first love, you never forget it. That said you want to make sure it’s just right, you don’t want to remember it as an unreliable money pit. So in this article, we have some advice to help you pick up that first car from dodge dealership near Conroe safely, and in a way that is more reliable and affordable.

We all know that cars are pricy, in particular hot hatches, but in general new ones can be expensive. So the first point to think about would be are you going for a new or used car. Used cars are certainly cheaper, by 30 – 40% compared to newly priced cars.

New cars though come with better advantages, such as longer and better warranties. On the other hand, used cars are confronted with higher running costs that are ongoing due to extra wear on their parts. For this reason, applying to finance a new car is often more competitive. If you have an old car just sitting on your yard, you may consider selling it to earn extra cash for cars that you can use in your next car purchase.

Safety Issues

Safety is a huge concern for first-time car buyers. This is because this type of buyer is often a new and inexperienced driver. A common perception is that the newer the car, the safer it will be. So if safety is your number one worry, look out for standard safety kit features like electronic stability control and airbags as this could potentially serve as a valuable resource. 

Paying for Insurance

Another big bone of contention for new car buyers is car insurance. On average a 17-year-old driver pays an average of s £2000 for insurance. This can be an overwhelming amount for someone on a tight budget. So what’s the best strategy to decrease the cost of insurance. First and foremost, choose a car in a low insurance category, smaller cars with smaller engines are your best bet. Apart from that also consider a restricted-mileage policy with a large excess. 

If you like you can add one of your parents into the policy, be wary of ‘fronting”’ though. Don’t list them as the main driver if the car is owned by you because that would constitute insurance fraud. Another option to consider is to take a telematics policy, as they are becoming more and more popular. In this policy a black box documents your driving habits and style, it works to adjust the risk according to how smoothly you drive and other factors. If you have good sense, in this regard you can save a lot, but if you not you will pay a high premium.

Sometimes insurers work with car manufactures to create ‘all-in-one’ deals. In other words, new cars can be bought using insurance and car bundles. Take Peugeot for instance. This car brand has a Just Add Fuel scheme, that offers 18-24-year-olds a brand new vehicle that comes with telematics insurance for fixed-price deals that are over three years. 

Closing Words

All in all, it’s safe to say, that buying a used car is the cheapest option for first-time car buyers, especially if these buyers are young. But the decision is up to you, so make sure your first car purchase brings you beautiful lasting memories and doesn’t break your bank account. 

Krysta Jakson

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