Sturgeon Fishing 101: These Are the Techniques and the Gear You’ll Need

It’s easy to see why so many people are enthusiastic about fishing for sturgeon. These powerful fish are plentiful, big, and put up a great fight. That’s a dream combination in sport fishing.

Of course, fishing for sturgeon isn’t fun if you invest time and money, only to get skunked. You’ve got to have the right gear (visit here to buy the best Fly fishing gear at a low price), and a winning technique. It also helps to know where the hot spots are.

Sturgeon Fishing Gear

The key thing to remember here is that these are heavy, powerful fish. You’ll need a rod, reel, and fishing line that can handle that. If you have fished muskie, that gear will suffice. Otherwise, dig up your heavy duty freshwater gear. Sturgeons fight long and hard. It could take you more than an hour to pull in a sturgeon on lightweight gear. That’s extremely stressful on the fish, and can impact their chance of surviving and thriving after they’ve been released. By landing the fish quickly you reduce stress and lactic acid buildup that increases mortality.

Here’s what you will need to set up a good sturgeon rig:

·        A no roll sinker that allows bottom fishing

·        An 18″ snell

·        A 4/0 circle hook

You can buy a sturgeon rig off the shelf, or make your own. Additionally, you will want to have a landing net, line capable of holding 100 pounds or more, camera, measuring tape, pen or pencil, notepad, and a pair of pliers for removing hooks.

Best Baits For Catching Sturgeon

All fish have their taste preferences. Sturgeon are no different. While people have caught these fish using a wide array of baits, sturgeons tend to prefer fresher baits. Try shrimp, salmon roe, minnows, even night crawlers. It’s also helpful to add a bit of scent, because sturgeon tend to hang out in the dark. This has caused them to develop and rely on their sense of smell above all else when feeding.

Finding Your Sturgeon Fishing Spot

If you’ve fished for long, you know that many anglers are hesitant to reveal their most fruitful spots. Still, asking around can help. There’s also the option of trial and error. However, if you really want your best chance at reeling in a fish, you may need a sturgeon fishing guide. They’ll know the best spots, and the times of day when you are most likely to be successful. If you decide to try on your own, find deep water, then fish slightly upstream. Sturgeons often move upstream to feed.

Best Techniques For Landing a Sturgeon

If you’ve never fished for sturgeon before, it may be difficult to recognize their bite at first. They don’t hit the bait hard, nor do they grab and run. Instead, you’ll need to feel for taps, or simply swimming weight.

Keep in mind that you’re using a circle hook. There’s no need to do a  hard jerk to set the hook. Instead, tighten your line using a combination of reeling and pulling your rod back away from the sturgeon. Let the circle hook do its job. These are made to hook fish through the lips and jaw, not deeper in the throat leading to better outcomes for the fish. They also increase landing rates.

Final Thoughts

Sturgeon are challenging fish to catch. Of course, that just makes them a more memorable fish to target. You may never land a half dozen of these prehistoric beauties in a day, but you can be sure the experience of landing one will be as exciting as possible. 

Riya Sander

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