4 Hobbies with Unexpected Health Benefits on Mental Health

In light of the various lockdowns we’ve all had to endure over recent months, the mental health of individuals has become more of a pressing issue than ever before.

After all, spending months on end in isolation, unable to see loved ones, colleagues, friends, or family, has wreaked havoc, leading many people to now have increased feelings of self-doubt, burn out and anxieties over the recently-allowed social situations.

However, keeping on top of mental health is imperative – when left to fester, feelings on insecurity and anxiety can manifest into much bigger conditions, such as depression. As such, it’s important to utilise methods that can counteract these feelings, to ultimately keep the rise of mental health conditions at bay over the long run.

One of the best ways to do exactly that is by taking up a hobby or two. From social sports, like those on 프리카지노, to personal activities, there are a huge number of hobbies out there which many fail to realise can actually significantly help with their mental health.

So, we’re here to run through a few of these in this article, highlighting some of the best hobbies to think about taking up if you’re looking to keep on top of your mental health.


While golf may not be one of the lung-busting sports there is, taking it up as a hobby could provide you with a number of unexpected health benefits you might not have known about.

Spending more time outdoors whilst perfecting your style of swing is one of the best ways to improve your mental health, ensuring you get lots of fresh air in your lungs to keep fit and healthy. This, in turn, can help everything from your digestive system to your blood pressure to your heart rate, while also lowering your risk of weight-related issues like obesity.

What’s more, the social side to golf can significantly aid with mental health, not only providing you with an outlet to talk with your friends while walking between holes, but also releasing stress while at the driving range and improving your brain health while concentrating on your style of swing.


While on the topic of getting out of both your head and your home, photography is a great way to exactly that.

If you have a particular love of nature, many experts now recommend practicing mindfulness through the use of a camera, snapping pictures of places you love, people you love and destinations you have always wanted to visit.

This, in turn, will not only allow you to discover new places and tap into the beauty of nature, but it will also help you hone your craft, ultimately, enabling you to become a much better photographer as a result.

Playing a musical instrument

If you have always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument but have struggled to find the time or energy to, it might please you to know that playing music is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Some of the best songs have been written during times of high emotions, with many musicians using their instruments and song writing skills as an outlet to pour their feelings out – much like writing feelings down in a diary.

Moreover, learning to play a musical instrument is a great way of engaging your brain and will provide you with something to distract yourself with if/when you ever start to feel low.

In fact, setting musical goals – such as learning a particular song by a certain date – is a highly effective means of boosting your confidence, which should undoubtedly spill over into other areas of your life as well.

Drawing, painting & other craft-based activities

Creative activities like drawing, painting and sculpting have all been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even mood disturbances, so why not try them for yourself?

Even if you don’t see yourself as particularly creative, everyone has it in them to be, so joining a class or simply investing in some art working equipment is a great place to start.

Likewise, arts and crafts activities like sewing or knitting are often touted for their mental health benefits, with certain leading experts even saying that they can mimic the effects of mindfulness practices like meditation.

Final thoughts…

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the importance of mental health into the limelight like never before.

However, as the hobbies listed above should now prove, with the right levels of time and motivation, fighting back against the threat of mental health can be easy.

All it takes is a little bit of self-will and a desire to boost your confidence by going out and learning something new.  

Mike James

Mike James has over a decade of experience in business and cybersecurity. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other like-minded professionals through his writing. Find out what he's been up to on his Twitter: @MJArtemis