Positive Messaging to Remember Going into Lockdown

After Monday’s announcement our daily lives are changing once again, and we are all feeling a barrage of emotions. Many of us will be worrying about the vast reaching consequences of this latest lockdown, but we must not forget that we are all in this together! While it might not be the easiest time to stay positive, we understand the importance of quietening our worries and fears, thus enabling us to be excited and enthusiastic for the bright future ahead.

  • It’s okay to be angry, but remember this is out of your control

For many, lockdown 3.0 will be met with feelings of great frustration and maybe even anger. Acknowledge this feeling, understand where it comes from and let it go. Appreciate your own courage during this period, you have been doing your best and this is out of your control.

  • It’s okay to be worried about your health

We understand for many there is still great fear which surrounds our health, and the health of our loved ones. Whilst the future is still very unknown, remember that this lockdown is to keep us safe and healthy and by staying at home we are saving lives.

  • It’s okay not to be motivated

We’ve all felt our motivation dip throughout the trying past year. If we’ve learnt anything from the past lockdowns, it is to not put so much pressure on ourselves. This is not normal life, and we must remember that. Nevertheless, do not forget the importance of structure and the power of routines in keeping a constancy in day to day life.  

  • Communication is Queen

We know we’re all sick and tired of video calls by now, but don’t forget the restorative power of conversation and speaking with your nearest and dearest. Keep talking, keep listening and keep looking out for one another and before you know it, we will be able to hug again.

  • Just like the lockdowns before, this too shall pass, and you will get through it

It might not always feel like it, but you are strong enough to get through this. Remember how far we have come and just as it has been done before, you can do it again. Change is a part of life, encourage yourself to move forward and adapt. Make changes in life with a sense of constancy.

  • It might feel like there is no end in sight, but we are moving towards a conclusion

Whilst no-one knows exactly when this will be over, take comfort in the fact that one day it will. Plan future trips and social occasions, make sure you have something to look forward to. Have confidence in your abilities and live life to the fullest. Reignite your interest in life, work and the world in general.

Krysta Jakson

Krysta is an experienced blogger, writing blogs on lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. She wonderfully describes the latest trends on these topics, making the articles interesting for all the readers.