Four Cosy Activities to Look Forward to this Winter

As the days get darker and the cold weather sets in, there are still plenty of activities to do that can keep you busy and active. Although it’s not always fun going outdoors in the bad weather, wrapping up warm can help you enjoy a long walk outdoors. If heading outside in the cold just isn’t for you, there are also many other winter activities that you can do inside instead.

Discover new games to play

Since winter involves much colder temperatures, the first thing on your list might be to stay indoors rather than venture outside. During the Christmas season there are plenty of games that you can play at home together, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and fun quiz games. Of course, some may prefer the challenge of an online game, such as Diablo 2, and may even look to a site like yesgamers to learn about how to get started with this so that they can enjoy their experience of playing the game. For those looking to keep it classic for the time being, the Nintendo Switch has released an exciting 51 Worldwide Games video game which even includes online multiplayer for games such as Chess, Dominoes, Ludo, Golf and much more. 

Adults can play a range of games on it from board games and strategy games to memory games and card games. Players can even learn card games such as Blackjack and Texas Hold’em on this Nintendo Switch title, which makes perfect practice should you wish to play at a casino. For 18+ players looking for some other casino type games to play this winter aside from card games, there are also some top Christmas slots to play at that are worth checking out.

Find your favourite seasonal drink

Each year, coffee shops and other food and drink establishments release their winter menu for the festive season. This time of year, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is always a popular hit with customers. From gingerbread lattes to spiced cappuccinos, there’s always something special to treat yourself.

To find out what good drinks are available right now, Huffington Post recently ranked some of the best and worst hot Christmas drinks, from the Greggs Festive Mint Hot Chocolate to the Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte. Picking out your favourite festive drink might take a while, but you’ll enjoy some warm sugary goodness to keep you toasty during the cold weather as you do.

Explore somewhere new while walking

The colder winter weather doesn’t always mean that you have to stay indoors. It can also be the perfect time to walk in woodlands and explore national parks and other beautiful places with scenic views.

Getting outdoors is one of the best ways to maintain your all-round wellbeing this winter. It might be wet and windy right now, but a fresh winter walk can help you get some air and stretch your legs. Even a short twenty minute stroll can be good for your lungs, blood pressure and circulation, not to mention your mood. Just remember to wrap up warm!

Try out new tasty recipes

Sometimes the winter season is all about staying indoors and enjoying being cosy in your own home. To transform your home this festive season, gorgeous Christmas wreaths are just one great way to make your home ready for December. As well as decorating for this time of year, it’s also the perfect time to change up your recipes and try something new.

The colder seasons are the perfect time to bake gingerbread cookies, mince pies, and other festive treats. To warm you up this year, checking out new soup and stew recipes are useful for toasty meal ideas. Browse online to find some christmas food and cookbook inspiration for your next ambitious culinary creations.

Rachel Bartee

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