Should You Consider Buying a Pre-Registered Car?

When a motorist needs a new car, they will often first try to decide whether to buy new or used and visit the Chevrolet dealership to try a test drive too. There is actually a third option to consider and one which will work well for many motorists because it provides the best of both worlds – a pre-registered car.

What is a Pre-Registered Car?

So, what exactly is a pre-registered car? Sometimes called “nearly new”, these are automobiles which the dealership has purchased and self-registered and this is a way of boosting their sales even though they have registered themselves. These cars usually sit in storage until the dealership brings them to the forecourt and sells them as a pre-registered car which will be much more affordable than new but still has 0 or very few miles on the clock.

Cars that are Hard to Sell

Typically, pre-registered vehicles are cars which the dealership struggles to sell typically so they buy them themselves and then try to sell them for a much lower price a short time later. Therefore, these are usually vehicles which are not in high demand but could be an affordable way to get behind the wheel of what is, essentially, a new car even though you will be the second owner on the logbook. This does mean that the value will be less if you sell shortly after but is less of an issue if you keep the car for a few years.

What to Know

So, what do you need to know about buying a pre-registered car? Unless it has been used by the dealership as a test drive vehicle, there should be fewer than 200 “delivery miles” on the clock and it should be less than 6 months old (keep in mind that warranties start when the car is registered and not sold). As with any car purchase, you must also always make sure that you get the logbook.


As with any purchase of a car, you should always carefully examine the vehicle and take it for a test drive before making a decision. Additionally, if you are on benefits then you should use a car finance company like Go Car Credit who can approve those receiving benefits unlike many other finance companies. 

Buying a pre-registered car is certainly an option that motorists should consider as it allows you to drive what is essentially a brand-new car for a fraction of the price. It is important to understand exactly what pre-registered means though and the implications of being a second owner, but for many motorists this works very well.

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