5 Unusual Uses for Leftover Coffee Grounds

It is fair to say that most people are aware of not being too wasteful and recycling at every opportunity, but sometimes it is also knowing what to do with the waste. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to use leftovers – especially when it comes to coffee. Being more efficient with waste can also be a fun, yet productive experience that saves money and the environment.

Paint – aside from being an excellent dye that can be used on hair, did you know that coffee is great for painting with? In particular, it is an excellent medium for kids for messy play as they can experiment with the texture with water. It smells great too!

Candle making – not a product that immediately comes to mind but adding coffee grounds to wax is a cost-effective and natural way to inject that coffee aroma into your home. Alternatively, the grounds work just as well if loosely placed in the same vase/container as the candle.

A natural exfoliator – you’ve tried sugar, but have you tried coffee mixed with oil or water? Due to the coarseness of the grounds, it is a great natural exfoliator to remove dead skin, and a bonus is it is also an antioxidant.

Cooking – it was frowned upon when people used cola to cook with, so why not coffee? Just a slight sprinkle to a brownie mix or energy bite can rejuvenate a taste, giving it a new twist with subtle flavouring and less wastage.

Flea removal – we all love our pets, and as a result, the pet product industry is booming. Save money and protect the environment as coffee grounds are an excellent complementary process to your existing treatments as fleas simply don’t like it!

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.