Prince Harry & Meghan QUIT as Senior Royals: How the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Would Fare in Today’s Job Market

The duke and duchess of Sussex have announced a desire to be “financially independent” as they step back as ‘senior’ Royal Family members.

With plans to balance time between the UK and North America- what could be in store for the regal couple now that they have essentially ‘quit’ their senior royal roles?  

We have looked at Prince Harry and Meghan’s professional skillset and work experience to gauge how they would do if they were to look for a job in today’s job market. Courtesy of, the research is based on average reported salary figures and available job openings across the UK and North America’s biggest job listing sites.

What Prince Harry and Meghan could earn with ‘normal’ jobs 

Prince Harry has had a successful military career and been heavily involved in charity work. However, his current work experience would only land him an average estimated £40,684 yearly salary. A far cry from his estimated $40M net worth. Undoubtedly, the prince would find the most success in looking for a charity officer job or re-joining the army. Army roles offer the best earning potential in the long run, with captains making £42,000 per annum and majors earning as much as £55,000 every year. 

However, the duke and duchess of Sussex have officially stated a desire to focus on a new “charitable entity” – if the Prince wanted to become a Charity Manager he could earn around £39,617. If Prince Harry decided Canada was where he wanted to reside, his earning prospects wouldn’t be as good – his average salary for charity work would be an estimated £33,910.78.

Meghan Markle has better earning prospects no matter where the royal couple decide to live. The former actress could simply pick up where she left off. After appearing in various well-known shows such as CSI: Miami, her most high-profile role came when playing Rachel Zane on the popular television show Suits.

Right before marrying Prince Harry, she made about £350,000 per year from her Suits annual salary as well as various endorsement deals and sponsorships. Given the fact that the she hasn’t left the public eye since her marriage, but has actually received even more attention from the press, it wouldn’t be difficult to see her landing another high-profile and well-paid acting role.

Alternatively, her background in fashion (having released two fashion collections with Canadian company Reitmans) could land her a role as a fashion designer. In this case, her salary would be a more ‘modest’ £38,276 in the UK. The couple would still be better off staying in the UK, as the same job would only earn her an estimated £30,778.80 in Canada. Taking into consideration all of Meghan Markle’s career options, her estimated average salary could be around £139,685 – making her the breadwinner. 

Charlotte Giver

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