Building a Brand, Building a Home: Nadia Lassen from Nuura on Finding a Work-Life Balance

Nadia Lassen starts her day as her family’s self-appointed “mom boss” by having breakfast with her daughters and getting them off to school and kindergarten. Then, she hops on her bike — literally — and heads to her office to get her head down without distractions. She starts with coffee and emails.

“I don’t like starting my workday with a meeting when I arrive at the office,” she tells us. “After checking my emails and enjoying my coffee, I usually do analytics on our economy, orders, customers and products.”

Nadia is committed to building a solid foundation for her lighting brand, Nuura (which means light and honour), something that she believes is key to creating a successfully functioning business.

“Because we are a young company we are building a structure and I work with this every day somehow,” she tells us. “There are a lot of ‘first times’ when you start a new company. In order to become a professional brand and partner, it is crucial that all procedures are well executed.”

With years of training in economy and marketing at Copenhagen Business School, 33-year-old Nadia saw much success in the first ten years of her career. At her first company ‘by Lassen’ she ran the business with such gusto that they became the seventh fastest-growing company in Denmark. They were then presented with a digital award by none other than internet giant Google. “Two years later we made a profitable sale of the company,says Nadia.

Today, being the CEO at Nuura is Nadia’s second home and it’s a role that she takes great pride in. Not just in building a profitable brand, but in creating a positive work culture for herself and her colleagues. “Because Nuura is such a young company, I am in contact with almost all employees and work across our different departments which is something I find very interesting,” she tells YCB. “I like this development phase a lot, where we build a strong brand externally but also where we create a creative company with structure and potential for growth. I want Nuura to be the best place to work, and I like to see team Nuura as part of the family.”

She’s also intent on creating products that contradict our modern throwaway culture. When it comes to sustainability, Nuura products last a lifetime. From using local materials and LED bulbs to investing in sustainable packaging, the company is doing their part to protect planet earth.

As much as she loves working hard in business, Nadia is willing to change what she does if it no longer feels right. “Do what makes you happy” she says. “If you are not feeling happy when you wake up in the morning, maybe it is time to move on. We only live once.”

The best work advice she has to offer? Work smart and dedicated. “Find a balance between work and home. Work with something you love doing and with people you like and you will never not like working hard.”

Working with partner Peter Østerberg since 2012 has been a key part of her journey as a business leader thanks to his advice and mentorship. “He is curious and smart, and I’m glad that he is my business partner. He challenges my decisions and makes me sharper!”

Looking ahead, we asked Nadia what lighting trends she predicts for 2020. She told us that brass is certain to be popular for the foreseeable future which we’re not mad about! “We’ll also see more and more lighting with new technology like a built-in phone charger, wireless table lamps and integrated LED like we also have in our Blossi collection.” she told YCB.

We couldn’t let Nadia go without asking her to pick out her favourite pieces from the current range at Nuura and, of course, she obliged! Her personal recommendations were the Blossi collection which is minimalistic and decorative. “The Blossi collection is made with the newest LED technology. A special developed LED disc is placed, so the light reflects in the mouth-blown glass shade and the golden finish metal which spreads a soft and sophisticated indirect light”

Even though she spends her working day immersed in the world of home decor, she still has a passion for creating an attractive home for herself. Whether it’s cutting some branches to put in a large vase or accessorising with lovely candleholders – “I love the Molekyl candleholder from Gejst!” — Nadia waves her magic wand over her home with love and attention.

For those looking to experiment with lighting options, it’s good to know that even experts need to do their research before a revamp. “It can be quite tricky since most lighting is installed and therefore it’s not movable like for example a candleholder. But I always seek a lot of inspiration before I buy any lighting or furniture on Pinterest and in magazines.”

For her home autumn refresh she has opted for a lot of colour, brass and textiles. “I like the power that colours have” says Nadia. “When combined correctly and with the right lighting, colours can create a warm, personal and cosy feeling. I know that many people think that my décor and style is quite brave because I have a black and floral bathroom and a warm burgundy kitchen, but to me, this is what makes a home.” 

With winter around the corner, indoor lighting is becoming an essential part of our lives once more. Spread light and joy this Holiday season with Nuura! Shop the collection here:

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