Choosing the Right Smartphone: Things to Consider

Undoubtedly, the smartphone is a truly versatile and on-demand high-tech device on today’s market. And all smartphone companies are competing with each other very hard to take advantage of that. New smartphones are being launched all the time with lots of new, fun and innovative features to win the hearts of consumers, and it can be hard to keep up!

In just a few short years, the smartphone has become the essential tech product, becoming almost, for the most addicted among us, the natural extension of the hand. Design objects, almost as powerful as a computer at the best, extremely versatile – it lets users make calls, browse, send text messages, download apps, play, record and take high res pictures just to name a few – the smartphone is not a device that you buy lightly. And buyers are ready to lose money to get a phone with maximum features and facilities. Go to / repair your phone to get the proper maintanence that helps the phone to perform better.

But hey! You don’t want to buy a phone out of impulse, right…?

However, at the time of choice, it is often a puzzled one…

Which brand to choose? iPhone, Windows or Android? What things to look out for to value your money the most? Here are our tips for making the right choice and getting the best deal.

Firstly, these are the most essential things you should consider

There are many things to check in a smartphone like, its design, display, operating system, camera, battery, connectivity, multimedia etc. Furthermore, which brand do you choose? Which things to look out for to value your money the most? Do you go for an iPhone, Windows, or Android? Do you need a phone with the greatest apps and games, or you want quality pictures. If you are a busy person and need to use your phone with one hand then limit it to 5 inch or lesser screen size. Use site to buy the best cases for your phone.

For game addicts speed matters a lot. Try to buy a phone with higher RAM denomination (like a 4 GB RAM) to experience better gaming experience. If you know your needs then you need not to bit around the bush.

Obviously you should determine a budget for your new phone. Always try to set an achievable target which will suit your monthly budget. To grab the best deals you should keep an eye on all shopping sites and can compare them on your own. You can find many websites which compare price of phones to make the process simpler. Sometimes you can get a way better phone if you lose 50 more bucks. So be cautious and do a full research before you go for the final stroke.

Then…. The system: iOS or Android

Forget the Windows Phone and Blackberry OS – unless you plan on buying your smartphone on a flea market. In 2019, only two operating systems remain: iOS, present on all iPhones and Android for the rest of the world. 

In the first case, you’ll be guaranteed to have an up-to-date operating system, able to make the very most of your favorite applications and get your hands on the latest software developments too. 

You will have to accept, in return, to get a fairly recent smartphone (like the iPhone 7) and therefore relatively costly. However, it should be noted that the Apple OS is not what’s called an “open system”. It is impossible to extend the memory of iPhones or even add on the fly files in their internal storage. 

The ergonomics of the OS has convinced a very large audience by its simplicity and efficiency. The Apple system is also much more respectful of the privacy of its users than Android, and more secure.

Android is more open than iOS, which has its advantages and disadvantages. You can install the applications you want, access your files more easily etc… However, Google’s OS is less secure: do not trust especially the applications you download.

Summary: 10 criteria to choose well

We have listed below, the most important criteria to look for when buying a smartphone:

  • The operating system: Android, IOS, or Windows Phone
  • The size of the screen: from 3.8 to 7 inches for giant smartphones
  • The resolution of the screen: from 320x480px to 2560x1440px
  • Memory capacity: from 4GB to 96GB
  • The processor: type + frequency: from 800Mhz to 2Ghz
  • The quality of the camera and the lens
  • Connectivity and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
  • The autonomy of the battery
  • Smartphones dual SIM cards
  • And the price of course!

Our selection of good smartphones:

iPhone 7: still on sale, the iPhone 7 remains a safe bet. You can get it from 530 euros at Apple.

Galaxy S10e: a wise choice for people who want to own a high-end smartphone that comes with the basics and stays within a “reasonable” budget.

Pixel 3: with this smartphone, the user has a perfectly up to date Android OS, optimized by Google.

Krysta Jakson

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