5 Fun Activities for Parents and Kids This Halloween

Every year, as Halloween slowly creeps up on us, we start thinking of fun activities to do during this holiday. If you happen to be a parent, you’re probably trying to come up with something that will keep you and your kids entertained. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways how you can bond with your child and have a memorable time. We’ve singled out five of them, so take a look.

Carve some pumpkins

You can start by decorating your house for Halloween. Besides cobwebs and skeletons, you can also use jack-o’-lanterns to create a spooky vibe. Visit a local pumpkin farm with your kids and look for the perfect pieces which you can use to your advantage. You will also need a pumpkin-carving kit so make sure you are prepared for this activity. Keep in mind that these tools are very sharp, so it might be best for you to carve and your kids to come up with the design. You can go for the classic face design or try something more intricate if you have the skills but it’s good to know that there are various templates online. To stay on the safe side, use LEDs instead of candles to illuminate your pumpkins.

Have a Halloween movie marathon

If everyone in your family is a huge Halloween fanatic, you can turn October into spooky movie month. Of course, if your children are super young and you don’t want to scar them for life, you’ll opt for something silly and kid-friendly like Hotel Transylvania or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Movies such as Hocus Pocus, E.T. and Casper are also great if you don’t want something too scary. If it’s only adults present, you can go for The Exorcist or Carpenter’s Halloween, but it’s not really recommended for kids. You can change it up by sometimes inviting friends and sometimes keeping it family-only. Get a ton of popcorn or make some tasty Halloween-themed snacks and enjoy your spooky evenings.

Throw a costume party

What do we first think of when Halloween is mentioned? Costumes, of course. So, why not organize a costume party where you and your kids will get to show off your best attire? On the one hand, you can try some DIY and make your own costumes; on the other, why not save some time by renting a cute Halloween costume for your kid? That way, you can spend more time on the party itself. If you want to dress up as a vampire, you may order gold Fangs online to complete your costume.

Everyone will expect fun games, so you better deliver. From bobbing for doughnuts and having a ghost piñata to going on a Halloween scavenger hunt, there are many ways to make this party unforgettable.

Make some tasty treats

If baking with your kids is something you love doing on a regular basis, you’ll be thrilled to hear that there are countless recipes you can make specifically for Halloween. Even if this is not an activity you spend time doing, you can introduce a new tradition of baking together for this holiday. Now, if you’re looking for a savory treat, you should go for some finger food like mummy hot dogs, pumpkin-shaped quesadillas or breadsticks in the shape of bones. However, no kid (or adult) will be satisfied without some sweets. Luckily, a lot of simple recipes can get in the spooky mood with just some colorful decorations. For instance, you can make Halloween-themed doughnuts or ghoulish-looking monster cookies. Last but not least, even drinks can be made creepy if you opt for some colorful variants and interesting décor.

Go trick-or-treating

Finally, the activity all kids want to do on Halloween – trick-or-treating. Your children are probably also really excited for this, so make sure you don’t skip it. Get them the costume they want and you can dress up as well to complete the mood. You can also gather a few of their friends and go from house to house. It might sound simple but it’s a classic.

These five are just some of the fun activities you can do with your kids for Halloween. Most of them come with great variety as well, so you should have no trouble thinking of something your kids are bound to enjoy.

Emma Williams

Emma Williams is a journalist based in Sydney, Australia. Blogging is her way of expressing passion for reading and sharing thoughts with people around the web. To keep her creativity flowing, Emma enjoys spending time in nature, going hiking, and playing sports.