How to Bring the Outside Inside with Indoor Plants

In recent years, indoor plants have become a real home statement and trendy addition to any house or apartment. Instagram is now bursting with never-ending shots of cacti, succulents and ivy, displayed in a number of interesting ways, usually next to a pink velvet sofa for the ultimate #Instahome. 

You can even find accounts dedicated to foliage and fur. The rise in house plant popularity among millennials looks set to stick around for a while. With many young people living in urban housing, house plants provide a fantastic way to bring a taste of the outdoors into the home. They’re also an affordable solution to brightening up your home on a budget, not to mention fun to nurture and take care of.

Do you feel ready to becoming a new plant parent? Read these top tips for house plant success…. 

Start with the basics

If you’re new to caring for plants, then you may want to avoid complex creature such as citrus trees and opt for an easier plant to take care of. The humble cactus is a great starting point. If you manage to kill a cactus then unfortunately there isn’t a lot of hope for you. They’re stress-free, maintenance-free plants that are ideal for beginners. Avoid purchasing in retail clothing stores as you’ll end up paying over the odds, yes, they’re trendy but your garden centre will no doubt have a wider selection and at fairer prices. 

Hang a macrame planter

If space is particularly limited in your apartment or room, then there are other ways in which you can fill your home with wonderful plants that won’t take up any valuable floor space. Macrame plant holders are a fun way to display your greenery and can simply be hung from the ceiling, a wall or even an old ladder for a rustic look. There are tonnes of designs available to purchase online, or you can be thrifty and try to make your own for little cost! They add a fun bohemian twist to your décor, creating a homely environment. You may also add our favourite flower pots for indoor decor to add a cozy feeling at home.

Make a statement with a Monstera 

If you’re feeling ready to bring out the big guns, then why not look into purchasing a beautiful Monstera? A once standard and basic plant, has now become an icon of the social media world. This beautiful house plant native to Southern Mexico and Panama, enjoys plenty of sunlight, so a nice spot by a window is ideal. If you’re struggling for space due to your new plant obsession, look into a few space saving options such as a spacious divan bed from Divan Beds Centre to safely store all of your clutter and make way for new leafy friends. 

Create a plant shelf

Shelves are no longer reserved for books and tacky souvenirs from last summer’s holiday to Spain. No, shelves are now a haven for your house plants, giving them the exposure that they deserve. Go for aged terracotta and odd tiled pots for a chic European vibe with tumbling ivy, succulents, and a geranium for a splash of colour. 

With a little prior research, you’ll be a budding new plant owner in no time, and not only will your home benefit from beautiful splashes of green, you may also notice a few health benefits too. What’s not to love?

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.