7 Cutting Edge Inventions You Have Probably Never Heard Of

There are many famous inventions, like Thomas Edison’s lightbulb and even various Disney inventions, like the cantilever roller coaster and even mood sensors for rides. However, aside from famous inventions like these, there are other, lesser-known inventions that are just as cool.

If you’re ready to have your mind blown, sit back and learn about the seven most cutting-edge inventions you’ve probably never heard of!

Obscure Invention #1: A Sweetly Scented Alarm Clock

Do you remember when you were a child, and you woke up to the smell of your mom making cinnamon rolls?

Well, now you can have that super pleasant sensation every morning of your life. A scent-based alarm clock is in the works. With this clock, you can get woken up with a soothing, sweet sound and an even sweeter scent of your choice.

While this invention is still in the development phase, with enough interest, it could actually hit the shelves one day and becoming a known invention instead of an unknown one. Why not check out here the Steps You Need to Take to Get Started with Your Invention Idea!

Obscure Invention #2: The Mirror

Most people would like to look better and get more fit. However, going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer can be expensive and even a little intimidating.

Thankfully, there’s a hip new invention known simply as The Mirror. You can hang it on your bedroom wall or any wall in your home, and it will stream live workouts whenever you want. It even features an interactive virtual personal trainer that can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

This product isn’t widely available or very well-known, but if you can find it, it’s a worthwhile purchase for those serious about getting into great shape.

Obscure Invention #3: The P&P Office Waste Paper Processor

It’s no secret that Americans waste entirely too much paper in offices and other facilities nationwide.

Fortunately, the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor can change all that…if it can garner wide enough interest.

The processor is a small, compact machine that takes waste paper and turns it into ready-to-use pencils. Unfortunately, however, many people have found it impractical and the necessary supplies too complex and costly, which is why this cool gadget probably won’t make it onto the radar anytime soon.

Obscure Invention #4: The Spaceman Couch/Bed Combo

If you’re short on space, but you like having guests over, you might love the couch/bed combo from Spaceman.

It functions as a normal couch, but, via its special spin technology, it can easily be converted into bunk beds, all while still taking up very little space.

Unfortunately, the fact that Spaceman isn’t a very well-known brand and the fact that this couch/bed combo has a super-high price tag (close to $4000!) make it so that you aren’t likely to see this product widely available anytime soon.

Obscure Invention #5: Keen’s Habit Aware

Do you have a bad habit you’re trying to kick? Whether it’s biting your nails, picking at your skin, or pulling your hair, the Habit Aware bracelet can greatly help.

This product from Keen is designed not only to vibrate whenever it catches you engaging in your bad habit, but it also provides guidance and redirection to help you change your life for the better.

The product isn’t widely known just yet, but the more it proves effective for people, the more likely it is to be a breakout invention.

Obscure Invention #6: The PrePeat Renewable Printer

As mentioned, a lot of waste happens in American offices, especially where printers are concerned. However, the PrePeat printer is all about stopping that waste by allowing paper to be reused and printed on once again.

This printer heats the paper to get rid of what was on it before. Then, after cooling, it can use the paper just like it’s brand new…up to 1000 times. Talk about a green product!

Sadly, it’s almost $6000 price tag, and the fact that its paper is expensive as well keeps this product from being widely marketed.

Obscure Invention #7: Smart Food Containers

One final invention is smart containers, which haven’t yet been fully developed, but have several Kickstarter campaigns going to try and make them possible.

These containers work by tracking what you’ve stored in your refrigerator and reminding you when something is about to go bad. That way, you can hopefully eat items before their expiration date, reducing waste and saving you money.

It’s easy to see that some truly amazing products exist or are soon to exist in the world. The more you explore lesser-known inventions, the more likely you are to discover something amazing you can’t live without!

Diana Simpson

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