Turn Your Family Runabout into a One-of-a-Kind Supercar

Not enough of us are taking the cars we drive seriously. We often just see it as a way to get from point A to point B, but they do so much more than that. If you are a busy mum, working or not, you will often find yourself stuck in the car for large parts of the day. You could be running the kids to school in the morning, followed by going to work or to get the shopping, then catching up with errands and family and friends, and still have to pick the kids back up again before the day is done. The car we drive also says a lot about us, but it also gives us an opportunity to say something about ourselves. You’ve probably already developed a fun relationship with your car, and it’s more than likely got you out of a few sticky situations – it is always there for you, waiting to help.

More and more women are modifying their cars or redesigning elements to make their family car unique, and bring some of their own style to it. After all, we ‘wear’ our car every day; it is an accessory that is with us more than most of our favourite jewellery. For very little money, or perhaps no money at all, we can re-make our car in our own image and turn a family runabout into a one-of-a-kind supercar.

In Car Entertainment

This is surely your car’s most important feature, and you will use it every day. Whether stuck in traffic or zooming down a bypass, the chances are that the music is playing. If you have children on a long journey, music is a must as some extra entertainment to keep them occupied. The radios that come installed in most cars get out of date pretty quickly. If you just want a radio, you can’t go too wrong, until the analogue radio signal is turned off and you will need digital radio to get your favourite station back. If you drive an older car, you should think about an in-car entertainment upgrade, so you can get the best out of radio, but also add Bluetooth connectivity and somewhere to plug in a USB to charge your phone.

Screens are everywhere today, and the car is no different. It is remarkably simple and cheap to add backseat screens to a front seat headrest, and bring DVDs and video games on road trips with the kids. Careful though, you’ll become a popular mum on the school run and might end up ferrying more children around than you actually have!

Get an Exclusive Look with Unique Number Plates

A sporty looking car may still need a special number plate to set it apart, and if you want a more elegant and exclusive look, a personalised number plate is a great way to start. Even if you just want to be able to pick your car out from the others easily, an easy to remember and short number plate is a simple and cheap way to do it. Websites like Number 1 Plates are a great place to start looking for unique short number plates, as they also have a plate builder you can use. The plate number doesn’t have to be anything special to you, just a few simple numbers and letters that distinguishes your car from the others.

Get Some Sporty ‘Mods’

Just getting some surface level upgrades can do the trick, unless you fancy yourself as a street racer on the side. Some artwork and patterns are very cheap and easy to do yourself if you want, though there are many services around, so have a professional add some adhesive artwork, sticking on stripes or slogans. You can even have all the bodywork wrapped in plastic if you want to completely change the car’s colour. It protects the original paint underneath and can be taken off later by the next owner of the car, or you could change colour again later.

Many car models also have performance kits available from motoring stores and online. For just a few hundred pounds, you can turn mum’s taxi into a fast and furious race car with a boost of horsepower from better spark plugs and air filters. A little extra performance can make a big difference, so please be careful—and don’t forget to equip yourself with the right gear, such as car racing shoes, for the ultimate driving experience.

From Mum’s Taxi to Mum’s Limo

For completing a more exclusive look, or putting the finishing touch to your newly styled bodywork, tinted windows are a great cherry on the top. They really do add something to just about any car, and there are a number of colours and gradients available to give you a unique look that can also be put to use. Many window tints offer protection from UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and also prevent thieves from seeing into the car to scout for valuables. Tinting can be done in many motoring stores or by specialist car detailers for less than a few hundred pounds and it will offer you, and your family, security and protection.

Don’t Forget Safety

Remember that road safety, and your safety, are the most important features your car can offer you. If you do decide to increase your car’s speed, you should also think about increasing its braking power to compensate, and you should also notify your insurer to make sure you are still adequately covered.

Car alarms, immobilisers, and interior and exterior cameras are becoming a popular addition to cars for security and safety, and to offer video footage in the event of an incident. Modifications like these can make you a lot safer on the road, and protect you and your investment from theft or a false insurance claim.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your car unique. The roads are dull and grey enough without adding more and more plain metal boxes to them. With a little effort and a small investment, you can turn your car from just a way to get from one place to another, into one of your favourite things to go out in.

Krysta Jakson

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