The Best Fiberglass Pool Designs for Your Perth Home

Summer is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing- pool season’s about to kick off! If like many you’re struggling to find the right fiberglass pool design for your pool construction project, you’ve come to the right place.

While the excitement of planning your dream pool, it’s crucial not to overlook the essential maintenance and upkeep aspects. Consider searching for a pool company near me to guarantee that your oasis stays pristine throughout the summer season. With their expertise and attention to detail, these professionals provide peace of mind, allowing pool owners to fully enjoy their aquatic haven without worrying about the hassle of maintenance.

Below is a list of the best fiberglass pool designs of the moment, and it features both timeless and trendy options. Read on for more.

– Beach entries:

Beach entries are a recent offering when it comes to fiberglass pools, because they were previously available through concrete construction only. However, now you can get your own prefabricated beach entry pool without waiting through several months of construction. The beach entry pool creates a resort-like feel and goes well with palm trees, fake sand and integrated pool lights. Or, you can keep things simple and let the pool’s design be the star of the show. Either way, a beach entry pool is like having your own private beach where you can enjoy mini-getaways on sunny days.

– Swim lanes:

There’s no denying that modern-day swimming pools are designed for more than just chilling and having fun. You can use your pool to get some much-needed cardio before or after work. The best part is that you won’t have to share it with other people like you would at the local gym.

The beauty of adding a swim lane to your pool is that it can be kept separate to other parts of the pool. This means you can have your swim lane on one side and a tanning ledge for relaxation on the other. it’s best to choose residential custom pool contracting for this as it can be a little bit complicated. You might also want to install energy efficient pool pumps in your pools, which you can get from Energy Efficient Pool Pump Manufacturers.

– Freeform pools:

Freeform swimming pools are perfect for small spaces because they offer you the freedom to pick any shape you like. There are hundreds of designs online that you can take inspiration from, and it’ll definitely add some je ne se quoi to your backyard. Pool deck coatings available here. With a freeform pool, you’ll have enough space left to add things like an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit and even customized landscaping to your outdoor entertainment space.

– Dark colours:

Tired of the same old turquoise and azure blue pools your see everywhere in Perth? If your goal is to stand out, then you should try something different like graphite gray or a deep blue shade that will give your pool an ocean-like feel. These sophisticated colours are ideal for anyone that’s detail oriented. They’ll help you create a streamlined and modern luxury aesthetic in your outdoor area.

– Wet-edge Pool:

Add an elegant feel to your backyard with a wet-edge pool, also known as an infinity pool, complemented by a stylish pool enclosure that ensures a serene and uninterrupted experience while enjoying the seemingly endless stream of water flowing to the pool’s edge. The end result is a pool that looks as though it’s floating or even overflowing. It’s worth noting here that wet-edge pools look great when perched atop an elevated area overlooking a nice view like a river or beachfront area. This creates an illusion of the pool water overflowing into the larger body of water. For expert craftsmanship and innovative designs, consider pool contractors from Texas Pools Spas and Patios, who specialize in creating stunning aquatic landscapes tailored to your preferences.


There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than jumping into a refreshing pool! We hope our selection of fiberglass pool designs has brought you a step closer to designing your dream pool. The great thing about fiberglass pools is that they install quickly, they’re cost effective and low maintenance. Plus they come in a plethora of different designs, as you can see. Just remember to consider your lifestyle needs when designing a pool for your home so that you end up with something that’s stylish yet functional.

Elena Tahora

Elena is a seasoned property investor and real estate agent. She is now working as marketing consultant whilst pursuing her passion for journalism.