Turn Your Bathroom into Your Own Personal Spa

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding time for yourself isn’t always easy. Spas have become the go-to place to relax and recharge, but let’s face it we can’t always find the time or cash to escape from it all for a few hours. To give yourself an on-demand source of serenity follow these top tips to create your very own personal spa in your bathroom in ways that are much easier than you think.

Install a towel rail

Relaxation doesn’t just come from soaking in a tub with a copious amount of bubbles or standing under a rainfall shower. You need to give thought to how you begin and how you end your experience. A heated towel rail does double duty of keeping your bathroom at a toasty temperature while ensuring you end the experience on a high. Just imagine wrapping yourself in a fluffy, warm towel or robe after stepping out of your tub or shower- it’s a little slice of absolute bliss!

Here at YCB Mag, we love the range of space saving towel rails we found here, most of the models come with free 24 hour delivery for when you can’t wait to experience the joy of warm towels!

Clear the clutter

The old adage of a place for everything and everything in its place has never been truer when it comes to creating your own spa-like atmosphere. Staring at a bag of toilet rolls and half full bottles of shampoo with a pile of damp towels lingering in the corner is not exactly conducive to relaxation as you try to sink gracefully into a freshly run bath.

Use your existing storage to the max to keep things out of sight and invest in hampers and pretty storage bins for larger items.

For the products you use every day like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel decant them into uniform bottles – which are very cheap to get in big furniture stores like IKEA and even B&M Bargains. Apothecary style glass bottles with a pump dispenser are very trendy just now for combining style with function.

Create the right mood

Set the scene for a relaxing time by installing a dimmer in your bathroom to recreate that spa-like feel at home. Not only are dimmers inexpensive and relatively easy to install they are the perfect way to take your bathroom from practical workhorse to a den of calmness with just a simple twist.

Add to the ambience with some candles but make sure to get ones that have a scent you like. The last thing you want is to spend time in the tub sniffing out why you don’t like your new candles. If you have little ones running around or are sensitive to smells or candle smoke LED flameless candles are an ideal option.

Add some greenery

Bringing nature into your bathroom will add a touch of luxury, not to mention air purifying qualities. For a larger bathroom consider tubs of bamboo. This delicate looking but sturdy plant is a favourite of professional spas. Easy to care for, place these plants in the path of a breeze for a soothing rustling sound or give them a dramatic twist with small uplighters in the base of the pot. For small spaces, pots of trailing ivy are ideal. Place them on top of cabinets or the window ledge for a gorgeous forest effect.

Turning your bathroom into the spa of your dreams doesn’t need to mean completely renovating your existing space. With these simple touches, you can be enjoying a relaxing experience in no time.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.