Top Home Decoration Ideas to Make Your Interior Unique

Most people would like to make their home interior unique. However, one of the biggest mistakes that most of us tend to make is to buy the items/furniture first and then deciding where to place them. This not only leads to a waste of money and time but the interior of that particular room or home also ends up being an abysmal failure.

If you want to make your home interior really unique, you need to plan ahead. There are hundreds of interior decorators out there that can do the job for you, but can also add up to costing you a fortune. Therefore, before you make any type of investment or commit to something or someone, here are some home decoration ideas that you can apply to ensure your interior looks unique:

Declutter: People who have been living in a particular place for a few years tend to become accustomed to the furniture and items around them. Often, they don’t realise how many things in their home are completely useless. If you want to make your interior unique, you need to declutter. Throw out all the junk and unused items. Having space is the most important step towards interior decoration. Go through every room and discard anything that you have not been used or opened within the last six months.

Identify what you like: This is a very important question: what do you like when it comes to home décor? Do you prefer space? Do you like vibrant colours and patterns? Do you get attracted to exotic furniture? Are landscaping and greenery your thing? Do you want to have an inviting entrance? Are you a fan of modern furniture and dim lights? Do you want to add neon signs or natural shungite crystal in your rooms? Or do you just want something playful, comfortable and easy on the eyes? Answers to these questions can help you pick and choose better.

Identify what you don’t like: This is another important question: what don’t you like when it comes to home décor? By identifying home décor ideas that put you off completely and items and things that you dislike will help you eliminate unnecessary items. This exercise will also make your selection process much easier.

Make a budget: Before you start dreaming about how you want your home to be, make sure you know how much money you can spend. If your budget is low and if you are a hands-on type of person, you can undertake DIY projects and make the entire exercise of decorating your home fun and interesting. If you have money and prefer letting the professionals do their thing, you can go for that option. Whatever you decide, you need to know your budget.

Creative Ideas: The world of interior decoration is huge. If you speak to five interior designers on how to make your home unique, you will get 20 different ideas from each one of them. You can overcome this confusion by doing some research on your own. There is a great deal of information available online. You can browse through interior home design websites, read home décor blogs and make a list of ideas that click. However, be realistic and practical. Everything on screen looks spectacular, but many of the ideas may not be practical for your space or may not fit your budget. Plan properly and choose wisely.

Pay attention to other homes: One of the best ways to get practical ideas about unique designs for the home is to pay attention when you visit other people’s homes. We often have friends and relatives who have amazing homes; some that we would love to live in. Whenever you see something you like and something that you find unique, you can ask the homeowner who the designer is or if they did it on their own; was it custom-made, etc. In general, the best people to seek advice from are those who have just decorated their home because they will be most knowledgeable about the trends, prices, best providers, etc.

Measurements and photos: Before you start buying furniture and accessories, make sure you to take measurements of the room(s) you intend on redecorating. Also, while researching online is always a good idea, it is best to physically go to a home decorating store when you are ready to make a purchase. Walk around the stores, look at everything thoroughly and then decide. Do things step by step. Select the type of floor. Move on to rugs, carpets, tiles and so on.

Use space wisely: The one mistake people make when decorating the interior is just stuffing the room with too many items. Use your space wisely and build around what you already have. Divide every room into a zone. For example in the living room, make space for a large TV but at the same time create space for a sofa where you can sit comfortably. Do not clutter it with small tables for your coffee mug and computer; save that for another room. Keep the dimensions in mind as you decorate.

Know your paint: When decorating the interior, know your paint because it will help create harmony and connect the spaces. In addition, choose a colour which brightens your mood. There is no right or wrong colour as long as it goes with the flow, blends well with your furniture and looks good. However, before you make your final colour choice, visit a paint store as there are many hues in every colour.

Let there be light: Light is essential in every room as it can define the mood. Choose the type of lighting you prefer. Dim in some rooms, bright in others and modern and chic in the rest. 

You can also apply other strategies to spice up the interior such as wall stickers and wall decals for example. You can also install an exotic fireplace, have a neon fish tank, go for a glass floor or see-through windows; you can use mirrors to create the illusion of space and if you have limited space. These and many other ideas can be implemented to make your home interior unique.

By: Lara Douglas 

Lara Douglas is a writer who is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. Besides writing for YCB Magazine, she regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.