The Dos, Don’ts and Need to Knows of Black Friday

Black Friday is often regarded as the official countdown to Christmas. Retailers claim to offer the opportunity to purchase goods at a fraction of the price for a limited time only. A survey by Gumtree found that 23% of shoppers feel under pressure to buy things throughout the Black Friday period. Here, the health and lifestyle brand Gear Hungry give their top 5 need to knows when tackling Black Friday alongside tips on to avoid the dreaded buyers guilt.

It is only a bargain if you need it

First things first, do you need the product? It sounds like a no brainer, but it is easy to crumble under pressure and purchase under impulse. You are only saving money if you were planning to buy the product in the first place.

To avoid ‘buyers’ guilt’, make a wish list in advance of everything that you plan on buying in the coming weeks. When Black Friday arrives, conduct a quick search to determine if anything has made the sales. If is then that you can decide if it is worth the expense.

No limits

Even the most lavish of spenders tend to know their limits and seek opportunities to use discount codes. The digital age has seen the shopping process evolve into a landscape where discount codes are readily available and often delivered straight into your inbox. For this reason, it is worth while deciding if the Black Friday offer has presented a time sensitive discount or it is simply one that can be obtained at any time with a code that will emerge in a quick Google search. Alternatively, sign up to the brands mailing lists as they often offer discounts to new customers.

5 hours later…

Scrolling the internet for hours on end is an excellent way to pass the time. However, when Black Friday goes live this can be dangerous. It is inevitable that temptation occur, and you may make unplanned purchases. Put yourself on a timer and ensure that you do not go over this limit. This will see that you shop with a purpose rather than on a whim.

Going live

Yes, there will be 1000’s of great deals on Black Friday however, it does not mean that these are the final deals that a brand can ever offer. If you are feeling brave, there is always an opportunity to ask for further discounts over an online chat.

If this seems a little awkward, have no fear.  All you must do is state the deal that you want in the live chat and the worst that can happen is say no.

Get social

It is always worthwhile following a retailer’s social media channels. It is a great way of keeping up to date with their latest offers and getting in contact with them if you wish to ask any questions about products.

I’ve got a match

Before you set out to bag some bargains, it is important that you do the prep work. Do your research and determine which brands and retailers will be prepared to price match. Many large retailers will be prepared to do this, so it is worth learning what the price match process will be by contacting them on Twitter.

Krysta Jakson

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