Everything You Need to Know For Planning a Stress Free Hen Party

Whether you’re a key member of the bridal party or the lucky Bride-to-Be herself, planning a hen party can be super stressful. But, with the help of stag and hen party planning experts, Last Night of Freedom, you’ll be ready to take on the world (or a group of women that have had far too many cocktails).

First things first, get the girls together! However, in this modern day with our busy lives and jam-packed schedules, this is easier said than done of course – so why not start a group chat? Not only will this break the ice and allow everyone to get to know a little bit about each other, it’s a great way to pool ideas as well as discussing important information whilst you’re away. If you get separated from the group while away, you can contact all members of the group and get back to safety and, of course, you can use the group chat for sharing those hilarious pictures once you’re back.

Ah, money – the source of all evil, plenty of arguments and most hen party related stresses. It’s certainly the trickiest part of arranging a hen weekend; you don’t necessarily know what the rest of the party can afford, so you must be open and discuss it to save any awkwardness. As for collecting money, Last Night of Freedom have an online ‘kitty’, so that group members can pay deposits and chip away at their balance as they wish, meaning you don’t need to be chasing up people for their share.

This might sound obvious, but an amazing hen party delivers exactly what the hen herself is after, and it’s different for absolutely everyone. For some hens, vodka shots, Willy straws and a naked stripper gyrating in their face would be their idea of heaven, but for others, it would be hell. Throw out your misconceptions about stereotypical hen parties and think about your hen – you know her best, after all.

We find that it’s best to surprise the hen with drinking games, costumes and accessories on her weekend. Whether she wants an inflatable phallus and some blingy diamante tiaras, or is after some classier accessories like the I Do Crew or Team Bride range, it’s so important to accessories right. Personalised T-shirts with questionable nicknames are also a must – they’ll unite the girls and also help you spot your group in a crowd. They’re a win-win. Last Night of Freedom have the biggest range of hen party accessories in the UK, so why not take a look and see what would suit your group?

Knowing where to be and at what time is crucial, especially when you’re a larger group. It sounds so simple, but the logistics of shepherding a group of high-spirited (and probably drunk…) girls around an unknown city is no easy task. With every little detail of your weekend flying around your head, the most organised of people would be forgiven for letting something slip their minds. When booking with Last Night of Freedom, the team send out a Travel Pack to all of our groups, making sure that they know exactly what time they need to be in certain locations – from times of airport transfers, to their activity time slots and when they’re booked into restaurants for meals. It’s a foolproof way of making sure nobody misses out.

We’ve left this bit until last because it’s boring and basic, but totally essential. We can’t recommend enough the importance of preparing a simple tick list, including everything you could possibly need to pack in your suitcase and hand luggage. If you’re going abroad, your tick list should include passports, boarding details, visas if necessary, currency, insurance details, sun cream and EHIC cards. The good thing about making a list like this is that you can use it as a checklist when you’re packing up to come home, making sure you don’t leave anything in the hotel room. Last Night of Freedom also always remind groups to pack their clothing appropriately. It sounds silly, but if you’ve got mud buggies or quad biking on the agenda, for example, most organisers won’t let you take part if you’re not wearing appropriate footwear or clothing.

For more advice, tips or hen do inspiration, head to https://www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk/ and let their team take all of the hassle out of arranging your bespoke weekend.

Charlotte Giver

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