5 Reasons You Need a Tyre Expert in London

Londoners face some of the toughest road conditions of any drivers in the country. Although all urban motorists have more demands put on their cars, especially its tyres, the traffic conditions in London are such that tyres really suffer. Despite this, all motorists need to keep their car tyres in good working order.

Having an expert look at your set is even more important in a busy city like London. If you end up driving with unchecked tyres or ones that you have inspected yourself incorrectly, then you could easily end up in trouble with the law. Why take the risk?

1) Pothole Damage

With some very busy streets that rarely get closed, potholes can build up in London and go unrepaired for years. You might drive over the same one every day. Potholes are a menace for tires and can cause damage that is often difficult to spot. If you don’t know what to look out for, then your tires could easily burst as you drive over a pothole because they are no longer robust enough to deal with them. Avoid this problem by having them professionally inspected where your car is fully raised off the ground to provide full viewing access. You can have Quick Asphalt Repair Kits to fix all the damages.

2) Tracking

Although misaligned wheels are not the most dangerous thing to drive around on, they cause Londoners problems with their fuel efficiency. On congested streets, your fuel efficiency will never be as good as on the open road. If your tyres are not set properly in parallel with one another, then this issue will be even worse. Have your tyre’s tracking checked and make sure you are not throwing money away.

3) Debris Damage

With so many commercial vehicles on the roads and so much building work seemingly going on in every corner of the capital, items are left on the road surface everywhere. Things like screws, tacks, nails and other sharp objects are a real headache for motorists. You won’t even notice that you have driven over something small if it works its way into your tyre tread. Only a full inspection will be able to deal with debris like this. Exchange tyres with items sticking in them before they deteriorate. If you are considering replacing damaged & worn tyres in London, you can book them online at a local depot from Point S.

4) Off-Road Tread Depth Checks

If you use a 20 pence coin to check your tread depth, then you won’t be alone. However, this technique is not scientific and could mean you miss a balding patch on your tyre. If you are parked on the street, as many Londoners will be, when you carry out a tread depth check, then it can be hard to look at all parts of your tyres properly. On the other hand, taking your car to a proper inspection point is quicker, easier and more accurate.

5) Flat Tyres

Although checking your tyre pressure is a job you should do regularly, few drivers pump up their tyres every time they fill up. Why not have your tyres properly inflated for you at a tyre centre instead of crawling around at wheel-level at your local filling station? This way, you can rest assured that the inflation level has been optimised for your model of car.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.