Planning Your Summer Garden: 8 Reasons You Need a She Shed

You’ve seen simple sheds converted into stunning manly retreats and elaborate pub sheds. Take a moment to imagine the design of a cozy backyard getaway for you and your bffs this Summer — a small, dedicated space outside your home that’s set up just for you. A She Shed is a haven where you can escape, curl up with a good book, paint, or sip mimosas with friends.

You can convert an old cluttered shed in the backyard to a perfect paradise with your favourite shade of paint and just a few accessories. Add some whimsical structural details, like an arched front door or front porch entrance, and some windows and skylights to make the most of natural light.

If you don’t have an old shed to redecorate, consider building a new one that meets your requirements. Quality manufacturers will custom-design, deliver, and build a unique backyard paradise like these custom sheds Glasgow.

A quiet place to curl up with a good book

It’s hard to relax and enjoy a good read with a list of chores facing you. Household responsibilities will cause even the most diehard reader to abandon the pleasurable pursuit of a book and attack the laundry or settle a dispute between kids. Creating a quirky storybook cottage or life-sized Little Library in your backyard makes a perfect getaway for some quality reading time.

A private bar for Girls Night in

An elegant hideaway with a wine bar, comfortable chairs, and a large front-facing window is what every mom dreams of after a long day. Enjoy an evening in with the girls without having to worry about a designated driver or waiting on long lines in the women’s bathroom. Add a mini fridge, custom drinking glasses for your posse, and a smart speaker or  phase 0 or 180 subwoofer to play your favourite tunes. There’s no better spot for a girls’ night in.

An oasis for gardening

View your beloved garden from this small space that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living. Add windows, screens, and patio furniture to upgrade it from humble shed to tricked-out hideaway. Surround it with plants, vines, and window boxes full of flowers, and decorate the inside with plants and floral patterns to bring nature inside.

If you’re looking for a peaceful sanctuary to call your own, a she-shed with beautiful window boxes can be the perfect retreat. Flower Window Boxes offers a variety of stunning window boxes to help you create a serene space that reflects your personal style.

A quaint space you can craft with your kids

Outfit your shed with simple furniture and décor that can withstand some spills for a quaint place to hang out and do arts and crafts with your kids. You’ll have plenty of storage room for supplies, and the walls make a lovely gallery to display creations.

A spot where you can explore your artistic side

Whether you’re sculpting with clay, developing film, or painting a masterpiece, this backyard hideout gives you the privacy to showcase your creativity. You can play music as loudly as you want, install skylights to get just the right mix of natural light, and spill supplies on the floor without having to worry about ruining anything. You could even display your prized ceramics collection without fear of it being knocked over.

A recording studio where you can launch your podcast

Add soundproofing and acoustic treatments from to make your shed the perfect place to record music, podcasts, or live-stream e-sports. Go green by adding solar panels to power your electronics, or light up a funky space with neon lights. Create a cozy, relaxed space so that you can be your most creative while recording.

A space to get work done

Privacy is a luxury when you work at home, but it is essential for productivity. Establish a private working area in a shed that minimizes distractions so you can get some thinking done. Don’t forget to add a comfortable recliner or couch that you can turn into a napping spot after a conference call.

A retreat where you can indulge in your favourite hobby

Time away is always hard to come by, particularly to pursue a hobby like flameworking. Imagine having space where you can leave a project in the middle and return to it without anyone rearranging or borrowing your supplies. Create a sacred space for uninterrupted focus on your hobby, and you’ll enjoy a mini vacation as close as your backyard.

Make the space yours

You don’t need a lot of space to create an escape. A cozy shed makes a great hideaway for your favourite pursuit. Done right, you’ll have a feminine, distraction-free zone where you can concentrate in peace and quiet.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.