How Often Do People Move House

Throughout our lifetimes we all move house multiple times. This happens for all kinds of reasons, from moving in with your partner, moving into university halls or starting a family to simply up- or downsizing. It is even becoming increasingly common to move internationally to experience the beauty and opportunities other countries have to offer.

Moving house is not all fun and games; it requires months of planning, preparation and packing. It perhaps comes as no surprise, then, that according to Zoopla’s latest research, the average British person moves only once every 23 years.

Why are we Moving?

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to move – you feel like you want to experience a bit of freedom, you have grown up and have finally saved enough money to afford living in your own space or you want to start life with your partner are just a few of the reasons that spring to mind.

Some of the reasons relate purely to the desire for more space, independence or the excitement of owning your own home.

Which Destinations?

Whilst past generations have stayed largely within the towns or regions in which they were born, globalisation is encouraging a huge amount of movement and international relocation across the globe, and modern methods of transportation make what was once unimaginable a very common activity in our 21st century context.

Destination largely depends on job prospects, as well as the atmosphere and lifestyle anyone making a move is looking for. Whether you move within the UK, across the channel to Europe or go long-haul to somewhere such as Australia or South Africa, using an international shipping company is the best way to make your move as straight-forward as possible. They are here to help you plan for your forthcoming move overseas, give you advice on what to take with you when moving internationally and how to adapt to a different culture when moving overseas.

What to Take with You:

There is always a debate on what is worth taking with you. So where do you start?

Well of course you want to take your favourite things with you, but make sure you know about all the cost of shipping an item which varies with different companies.

You should also take into account that customs regulations vary from country to country. New goods are often only allowed in to a country if you pay import duties and taxes on them. There are some exceptions when paying the tax so it is always good to check all the relevant information before moving.

How to Adapt?

It’s a good idea to look into what life is like for residents of the country you’re thinking of moving to, in order to familiarise yourself with their local traditions and cultural habits. These can be really small customs, such as taking flowers when you go to visit someone, or taking off your shoes when entering their house, but being clued up on these aspects of everyday life will help you to settle in much faster.

If you feel a bit unsure, there is no need to worry. There are numerous websites dedicated to such cultural issues that can help you understand your dream destination in greater depth and will allow you to live like a native citizen.

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