Best-Selling Used Car Brands for Busy Women Drivers On the Go

The demands of modern life mean that you need a car that you can rely on if you know all about cars for sale near me. Female motorists require a vehicle that delivers every single time they get behind the wheel, but it must also be easy to drive, low maintenance and, of course, a good-looking vehicle too. Finding a car that ticks all of these boxes can be challenging, but there are a handful of brands that are well-suited to busy female motorists that need a used car that won’t let them down.


The Ford badge is one which is synonymous with reliability. This is a brand that you can trust as the manufacturer has a long history of developing safe, practical and well-built automobiles which last the test of time. This also means that they make excellent used cars and you can find used Ford vehicles for very affordable prices when you shop at reputable used car dealers like Motorpoint.

The other great thing about Ford is that they have a high-quality vehicle in every class, meaning that you should be able to find the perfect car for your needs. Popular models include the Focus, Fiesta, Ka and B-Max.


Vauxhall is one of the oldest and most trusted car brands in the UK. They have been the second-largest car company in the country for twenty years and this is because all of their vehicles are enjoyable to drive, practical and well-built. Much like Ford, Vauxhall have a car in every sector of the market whether you are looking for a small city car or an SUV. The highly regarded Astra and Corsa are their flagship vehicles, but other reliable models include the Meriva, Adam and Insignia. One of the other major reasons that this manufacturer is so popular with the UK public is that they can be affordable to buy and especially in the used car market.


French manufacturer Peugeot is popular amongst young drivers, professionals and small families and well-known for their reliable small vehicles. Their cars are so reliable, in fact, that their models from the 1950’s and 60’s are still being used in Cuba and Africa.

Another key selling point is that Peugeot develop economical cars, helping to save the environment whilst reducing running costs. There are many great models to consider, including the 208 hatchbacks, the 2008 SUV and the 308 hatchbacks. In recent years, Peugeot has started to focus more on upmarket vehicles, but you can still find them for affordable prices in the second-hand market.


Another popular French manufacturer, Renault develop practical cars that are decent to drive, well-equipped and safe. They are also cheap to run, which makes them a smart investment. They are best known for their practical hatchbacks which are well-suited to a range of motorists, as well as their larger family cars. The Clio is their flagship vehicle and a hatchback which is consistently amongst the best sellers in the class, but other good options include the Nadjar SUV and the Zoe – an affordable electric vehicle with an impressive 250-mile range.

If you need a reliable, safe, efficient and stylish car that is well-suited to the demands of modern life, you cannot go wrong with any of the above manufacturers who all have a reputation for producing top quality automobiles.

Diana Simpson

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