Rowse Honey Unveils The GoBrek – An Innovative On-The-Go Honey And Porridge Maker

Millennials are a generation of ‘breakfast skippers’ – missing breakfast as often as three times a week

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? Perhaps you hit your alarm six times before actually getting out of bed. But hey, you still have time to do your hair and get to work on time. However, we usually find ourselves in such a rush that we cannot even find the time to make a quick balanced breakfast.

With research out today revealing that 57% of Brits now miss breakfast up to six times a week due to lack of time, experts at Rowse Honey have designed the world’s first on-the-go porridge and honey maker to help time-strapped commuters enjoy a nutritious breakfast. The innovative new GoBrek device syncs with your smartphone GPS to prepare your porridge on the move, ensuring breakfast is ready to eat as soon as you reach your morning destination.

Designed in response to the research, the team at Rowse Honey are set to revolutionise the Great British breakfast with the GoBrek, a mobile honey and porridge maker which can be controlled via a smartphone app.

In a world first, GoBrek combines a variety of innovative technologies and is operated by simply filling an integrated cooking chamber with raw ingredients of oats and milk. With a USB power supply for charging and an integrated bowl and spoon, the GoBrek fits neatly into a handbag or small rucksack, and cooks the user’s honey and porridge on the go. What’s more, GoBrek syncs with your smartphone GPS so that breakfast is perfectly timed and ready to eat when you land at your morning destination.

Featuring six removable topping dispensers, users can pour different types of raw honey such as Buckwheat, Acacia, Greek and Orange Blossom, into the GoBrek before they leave the house and then choose the variety they would like just before they tuck into their bowl of porridge.

Catherine Allen, Rowse Honey Senior Brand Manager, comments: “As we Brits become increasingly time poor, we are becoming more reliant on technology for everyday tasks than ever before. This is why here at Rowse Honey, we have created a concept that will offer busy commuters a solution to the need for more time to enjoy a nutritious breakfast.

“The GoBrek is an intelligent and ground-breaking device that cleverly distributes even heat, creating a delicious bowl of honey and porridge, no matter where you are.”

Sophia Anderson

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