Inspiration For Your New Student Room

With many students starting university this September, and most of them living in halls of residence, it’s both an exciting and daunting prospect. After all, it could be one of the first times these budding students leave home! Moving out of the family home and leaving behind your comfy, homely bedroom is sometimes a scary thought and can fill a lot of prospective students with fear. You may be 18, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to get upset about leaving mum and dad!

When it comes to moving out and setting up home in your new room, you might want to make it feel as relaxing and familiar as possible. While that doesn’t necessarily mean recreate your bedroom from home, there are certainly some change you can make to ensure it’s a safe and comforting place for you to live in your first year of university. So, if you’re in need of some inspiration for your new student room this year, look no further.

From bland to brilliant

You’ll probably notice when you arrive in your new room that it’s very bare. As long as you weren’t expecting luxury, you won’t be surprised. While this is something that can put a lot of students off, thanks to its blank, stark walls, it’s also an opportunity to put your own stamp on the room.

Blank walls have a tendency to make a room look a little claustrophobic and incredibly dull, so decide how you want to make it your own. You might not be able to paint the walls in your favourite colour, but you can certainly add a personal touch in the form of pictures and stickers.

Arrange photos around the room of your family and friends, or put up posters of your favourite things. You can use stickers to brighten up the walls; just make sure you can take them off so you don’t ruin the wall for the next student!

Make it feel cosy

Student rooms aren’t usually the cosiest of set-ups and you might find yourself looking for a way to make it feel much more inviting. Fairy lights around the mirror or even bed frame can brighten up the dull corners of your room, and create a relaxing space when the main light is switched off. Just be careful not to leave them on for too long.

Likewise, the smell of a room can completely change the way it feels. Use scented candles (as long as they’re in a safe place in your room), or even diffusers and plug ins. You can make sure the room always smells fresh and welcoming, which is especially great if you’ve had a long day in lectures.

Decorative accessories

A student room can sometimes be seen as a blank canvas, so get to work on making it look creative and reflective of your personality. Choose some patterned bedding to cheer up the room a little, or opt for a block colour if you’re hoping to create a bit of a colour scheme. After all, you might be stuck with the curtains, but at least you can bring your own bedding!

There are many rugs for sale that can transform the room too, and they’re great at covering up the floor just in case the carpet or wood flooring has seen better days!

A rug can instantly make a room feel more homely, turning your bare student room into a warm, lived-in space for you to enjoy in your first year of university.

Krysta Jakson

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