End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist For Tenants Before Moving Out

When the lease is up and it’s time to move, a lot of logistics come into play. Whether it’s having to figure out where to go next, what to keep or toss, moving is a process that relies on solid planning and precision. So, why not start with a fail proof and simplified way to make relocating easier?

One of the most practical and straightforward ways to make a smooth move is to have a moving out of rented property cleaning checklist on hand. 

To create a cleaning checklist for a rental property read and follow our instructions below. 

Kitchens and Break Areas

Both home and office rentals encompass eating areas. Whether it’s creating a cleaning list for house or business rental property, it’s a good idea to target this area first. It is essential to thoroughly clean any space that was used for cooking and eating because it is a heavy selling point for future tenants. It is also the room that can quickly acquire greasy buildups and attract pests if neglected. In short, it is one of the toughest places to clean, but it is imperative to do so.

Begin with appliances. Make sure to clean the stove, particularly the inside where caked-on food can carbonize and reduce oven function. Clean the oven racks thoroughly, as well as the stove top and range. After cleaning the stove/oven, make sure to clean around and underneath it. Grease easily accumulates on surrounding walls and beneath this appliance. Make sure to remove as much of the build-up as possible.

The next home cleaning mission should be the refrigerator. Some people prefer to wait until the last minute of a move before cleaning the fridge but you must consider their explanation on how to clean it efficiently. However, refrigerators are one of the most labor-intensive kitchen appliances to shore up because parts often have to be individually removed and cleaned. Find a cooler or temporary storage spot for perishable food and give the fridge a good scrubbing. Make sure to defrost the freezer and clean it, too. That way, if the refrigerator’s use is still required before moving day, it will be more of a wipe-down deal than a complete overhaul. Be sure to clean around and beneath the fridge as well, wiping down walls, vent dust or residual food particles.

Other major and minor appliances, such as dishwashers and microwaves, do not typically need as much cleaning. However, make sure to give each a proper cleaning nonetheless. Throw away unwanted food items. Wipe down counter tops, sinks and baseboards. Last, but not least, sweep and mop the floor.

Bathroom Areas

Next to kitchen and eating areas, bathrooms are lucrative spaces for potential tenants. So, making sure it is spic and span is vital. Be sure to rid the shower and tub of any grime. Consider wiping down the walls surrounding the shower. Carefully scrub the basin and be sure to clean the faucets and drains. Cleanse and disinfect the toilet. Replacing toilet seats is an inexpensive way to lend a toilet a fresh exterior. Clean the sink and faucet thoroughly. Finally, sweep and mop the bathroom floor, making sure all debris is gone.

Remaining Rooms

Living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and all remaining rooms in the rental space have something in common; cleaning is more straightforward once the furniture and clothing is removed. Within these spaces, the main concern is to make sure the floors and carpets are clean. Sweep and vacuum each room. Consider using a carpet cleaner service for a deep cleaning. Try wiping down any marks on the walls to give each room as spotless an appearance as possible.

Final Sweep Through

Before completing the checklist, take a quick run through and make sure that all non-working lights have been replaced, windows (including sills) have been cleaned, closets (and other storage spaces) have been emptied, septic tank installation cleaned and maintained, and roofs inspected by commercial roofing contractors if it needs commercial roof replacement. Anything left behind can be subject to storage charges, lowering the amount of a security deposit return.

If the budget permits, it is worth considering hiring end of lease cleaners to ensure a thorough cleaning job, especially if you’re in Sydney. Pristine Home, for example, offers professional services that can help lighten the load and give your property a comprehensive vacate clean, leaving it in impeccable condition for the next occupants. Commercial cleaning can be an excellent way to ensure the clean-out process is proper and flawless. The main goal is to leave the rental space in as good a condition as it was found, if not better. It will also heighten the chances of receiving a full security deposit back.

Wassana Lampech

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