Royal Blind’s New Care Home Coming This October

The Scottish charity, Royal Blind, are currently constructing a new care home in Paisley, Renfrewshire that will offer nursing care to older people with visual impairments. Jenny’s Well will cater for visually impaired older people as well as for those that may have other medical needs such as dementia. The new care home will welcome residents who are funded privately as well as through social care and will provide a high standard of expert care and accommodation.

Jenny’s Well is being purpose built for residents that are registered blind, partially sighted or have a visual impairment that significantly impacts their independence. These visual impairments could include, but are not limited to, sight conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and stroke-related visual impairment. The new care home is also an oasis for those that require care but wish to continue living with their partner, close relatives or friends as Jenny’s Well asks that only one of the residents meets the sight loss criteria.

Royal Blind’s new care home offers a wide range of facilities that will help the residents regain their independence. Talking notice boards, tactile signage and specialist lighting to reduce glare are just a few of the features that will appear around the home. All the furniture in the 54 bedrooms will also be movable so that the rooms can be furnished with the resident’s own personal belongings if they wish.  

As Royal Blind works hard to ensure that the needs of the relatives and friends are taken into account, the care home also caters for visiting family members. They will provide ample parking, a private family area and spare rooms to ensure that guests are always comfortable.

The staff will be fully trained in not only working with visually impaired people but dealing with complex care issues including dementia. In order to attract the very best people and build a workforce of experienced staff, the care home offers excellent terms and conditions with salaries starting at the living wage.

Jenny’s Well will be expertly led by Morag Francis, our Older People’s Services Manager, who has 24 years experience working for Royal Blind care homes. Most recently Morag was Manager at the Edinburgh care home, Braeside House, and she will ensure that the care and support given to residents remains at a very high standard.

Registrations are now open for those who require a place from October and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis according to availability. If you wish to register for a place later than October but are not sure of a start date, however, you can register and join the waiting list, which does not guarantee or commit you to anything. If you are not sure when you will require a space but are interested in Jenny’s Well, join the waiting list until you are ready to register.  

You can find out more about the registration process and timescale on the website where you can also request a brochure and learn more about the great things happening at Jenny’s Well.

For those that wish to apply for statutory funding, Jenny’s Well advises that you speak to your local authority’s social care department as soon as possible to discuss potential funding. You’re also able to find out more about funding care home costs on the Care Information Scotland website, which will talk you through the entire process.

Jenny’s Well not only focuses on the resident’s needs but offers facilities that helps them regain their independence. This brand new care home operates at very high standards and proudly dedicates itself to providing a comfortable home for everyone that requires their care.

Emilia Bruce-Watt

Emilia is a recent English and American Literature graduate and a blogger for her own travel and lifestyle site, My Big Big World. If she isn’t planning her next foreign adventure, you can find her in the nearest coffee-shop, watching the latest blockbusters or signing up to yet another half marathon.