5 Ways To Trim Your Energy Bills

Modern home appliances, including your home heating systems, can impact the cost of your energy bills quite significantly. In today’s hectic lifestyle, saving time is crucial so that you can spend it with your family, travelling to and from the office, or doing other important tasks. As such, the use of high-energy appliances at home becomes inevitable on a day to day basis. However, with this increase in usage, it’s only natural that your worry over your electric bills may also increase.

To combat this, there are several ways you can save energy, and lower your energy bills, which are discussed in more detail below.

Replace your bulbs

With the world continuing to, thankfully, head towards becoming more eco-friendly, there is no better time than now to change your lightbulbs and replace them with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). By change those traditional incandescent lights that hike up your electricity bills to CFLs, you can lower your energy bills as they produce almost 75% less heat when compared to traditional bulbs. As a result of this, whenever you need to replace your bulbs with the new ones, you will not burn your fingers or palms while doing so. We offer cheap electricity rates Alberta with no cancellation fee if the plan is ended before expiry.

Air-dry your dishes

When we say air-dry your dishes, it doesn’t mean that you should not use a dishwasher. In fact, using a dishwasher is the most efficient method of cleaning dishes because it doesn’t allow any water wastage. As such, when your dishes are thoroughly washed and the washer starts using its heat to dry your dishes, you should intervene at this point. Then, simply turn off your machine and let your dishes dry out naturally with air, or if you have children, then you could can ask them to dry the dishes with a towel in their free time. By doing this, you will save both energy and money.

Install a programmable thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can be a huge benefit to lower your heating/cooling bills by almost 10% per year. By installing this, you’ll be able to set your thermostat on your phone while you are at the office or on the go. Moreover, you can program it to any temperature at any time of the day according to your convenience and to make the most of the energy you’re using. This method will work efficiently, fulfilling your needs and helping to lower your energy bills in turn.

Lower your water heater temperature

It is believed, and is also a fact, that 13% of your home’s electricity goes into heating water, but you can control this percent by lowering your water heater to 130 – 140o C which will bring a lot of change in your energy bills. If you’re planning to get a new water heater installation, make sure to choose a water heater installation unit that has a high energy efficiency rating.

If there are unusual noises coming from your water heater, hire a water heater repair expert to diagnose the problem and provide the necessary water heater repair services.

Use a cast iron radiator

Cast iron radiators are the best way to heat your homes efficiently, as they can help to reduce the amount of energy used when heating your home. This is because once your radiator is completely heated, you can turn it off and still have plenty of heat in your home. Being made from cast iron, it retains the heat for a longer time, which is the biggest benefit of installing them into your home. Moreover, are incredibly useful in heating your home, bathrooms, towels, and much more with its brimming versatility. Not only that, but there are a variety of designs and styles too, depending on their functionality. They are not only energy efficient, but they also add to the style statement of your decor.

Saving energy is crucial today and using cast iron radiators is one of the most effective ways to do so, so why not make some changes and lower your energy bills with these simple tips!

David Milsont

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