4 Things You May Not Have Considered When Moving House

Moving home is one of the most stressful things anyone can go through, so it’s no wonder that it also involves the most planning and organisation. You may have planned everything down to the last detail, from organising the van hire to registering with a new GP and dentist, but chances are there will be at least one detail you’ve overlooked. Here’s a far-from-comprehensive list of a few things you may have missed when trying to put together your own comprehensive moving plans.

Home security before and after

There is no guarantee that your new home is as secure as it should be, and a decent alarm system isn’t usually the first thing people check when they view a property. Yet, when you move into a new house, you’re twice as likely to be burgled in the first year as at any point afterwards. In their blog about security when moving house, property protection experts Carter Security say you should change the locks and alarm codes as soon as the last box is taken through your front door. Many moving companies suggest installing outdoor lighting and even replacing doors and window locks altogether.

If you find yourself away from home for long periods of time, why not consider hiring a property guardian? Global Guardians are the experts in ensuring your home stays secure at all times.

Consider the right amount of storage for your new home

While you may not be one of the million-plus hoarders in the UK, there is every chance that you have a fair amount of things in your home that you no longer use on a regular basis. This clutter really gets thrown into sharp relief during a house move—packing up every item in every room in a home uncovers weird artefacts, hidden treasures and a whole lot of trash.

While you don’t need to be completely ruthless about what you get rid of, finding alternatives to the tip is a great way to recycle your unwanted goods and help end waste culture. Donating unused things to charity shops or advertising them on Gumtree is a surefire way that your clutter will find its way to a new, loving home.

Of course, if you’re moving into a larger property than your old home—perhaps you’re upgrading from a flat to a house—then this may be less of an issue. Just don’t feel obliged to fill every space in the place with new things, or the next move is going to be even tougher.

Don’t forget your pets!

With moving a stressful enough task as it is, there’s a strong chance you may have overlooked your furry friends in your plans for the big day. Different pets have different needs, and it’s imperative that you take them into account when you move. There are many guides available online advising on everything from updating documentation, transporting your cats and dogs on long-haul drives, and how to best acclimatise your animals to another property. After all, it’s their new home as well.

Make sure your boxes are labelled as accurately as possible

There are plenty of guides available online with suggestions on how to label your packing boxes, from number/letter coding systems to assigning colours to different rooms of your house. As long as you know roughly what’s in every box, and which room the boxes are bound for, there’s no one correct way to get your packing in order. Just use a system that works for you, and try not to make it too complicated.

Charlotte Giver

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