Little Things You Can Do to Unwind (Everyone Needs Time to Relax)

Little things you can do to unwind

2016 was certainly a year for the books, with everything from the tragic death of some of our favourite celebrities to huge political upheaval in the United States and the UK, as well tragic terrorist attacks across the globe. Plus, with the ever increasing cost of living, the housing crisis and crippling wage stagnation, is it any wonder that depression and anxiety are on the rise? Sometimes, even the most well-rounded, calm and happy person can succumb to stress and anxiety, no matter what their personal circumstances are.

Often, it can be hard to pinpoint why you are so worried about something that seems so trivial and yet feels so daunting. It is in these moments that we all can benefit from knowing a few simple ways to take us out of the state of worry and back to our natural, calm state.

The guys over at Inflatable Hot Tub Guide decided to do some research into the little things that every person can do to relax, without using medication or other drastic measures. You’ll be amazed by the difference you can make to your state of mind by doing simple things like going for a jog in the park, reading your favourite childhood book, take on a new hobby, enjoying a warm hot bath (candles optional), going barefoot in your back garden or just learning to forgive yourself.

One of the great things that we love so much about this infographic is that you can almost use it as a reference, or a daily reminder when things start piling up. After a long day at work there’s nothing we look forward to more than getting home and unwinding. Even a quick glance at it can trigger an idea to get out there and do something a little different, without having to read through an actual description of what that should be. The mind and body are intimately linked and by taking the time to engage in something a little different, you can successfully take your mind off of your worries and returning to them with a fresh outlook and perspective.


James Budgen

James is a freelance graphic designer originally from Bristol, now living in London. He specialises in creating infographics and also gets a lot of enjoyment out of keeping up to date with the latest in digital marketing. In his spare time he loves cycling around the city and travelling internationally as much as possible.