5 Tips to Remember When Redecorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a big task! It is important that this space serves many purposes – your space should provide the necessary space for your child to sleep and play but it also needs to grow with your child as they embark upon school and life as young people. Whether the room is small or big, utilising space while keeping it stylish and on-trend can be tricky. Here are some helpful tips to consider.

1. Bunk Beds


The bed is the most important aspect of the room, but this doesn’t mean it has to dominate, not leaving room for much else. Consider bunk beds for children sharing or even just children on their own; having a spare bed will no doubt always come in handy.

Choosing a high bed allowing for storage underneath is a fantastic way to help your child stay organised and tidy. As well as bunk beds allowing more space to play, bunk beds are also incredibly fun!

A feature like this may help encourage the sleep shy to love their bedroom a bit more! CPS Furniture has a large range of bunk bed solutions to choose from to suit different styles and spaces.

2. Built in Wardrobes

childrens built in wardrobes

Do you have a alcove or section in your child’s room that would lend itself nicely to a built in wardrobe? Making the most of your space, a sliding door wardrobe with a storage system inside will utilise the space and is great for storing those things you don’t need too often. A built in wardrobe also gives parent the opportunity to store things like messy toys on the top shelf – keeping them organised but out of easy reach.

3. Funky Accessories


It is a good idea to jazz up a room with bright colourful accessories to give the space personality with objects your child loves. From light boxes, soft toys and prints for the wall, a varied selection of accessories will work wonders. Teaming fun accessories like ceiling and wall stickers and eye catching curtains with neutral furniture also means that you could easily change the room’s style without spending a fortune. The furniture will last for years, however, so that’s the important place to spend money.

4. Colours

children room inspiration

Choosing the right colours for the room is important. Your child will no doubt be asking for bright, bold colours, where as you may prefer something a little less overwhelming and more neutral. The best solution for this is to try and compromise. Introducing the bright colours your kid loves to smaller places in the room, such as the door frame, a colour blind and accessories will help your child feel like they’ve been involved.

5. Give Your Kids A Job!

Getting your kids involved in the decorating will mean they become interested and happy with their new space. Change isn’t always easy for little ones, so having them paint a corner or maybe even a piece of artwork for their wall will help them feel like this new strange place is theirs, and it’s exciting! Taking a child round a furniture shop or a home décor place isn’t always easy, sos sometimes it’s much easier to shop online. However, your child can get involved in helping place the furniture once it’s arrived – or they can even hand you tools to ‘help’ you put it together.

Hopefully by the end of your decorating journey, you’ll have a fun, inviting space you and your child are over the moon with. But remember that your child’s taste may change more quickly than you expect and being flexible is important. Purchasing key room features like the right bed and other large furniture is important for setting you up with a space that will suit, even when tastes change.

David Milsont

David is an avid writer who loves to write on lifestyle, home decor, music and many more. When he is not writing, you can find him at the Starbucks. Hit David up on Twitter at @DMilsont!