Everything You Need to Know to Become the Next Mary Berry


Always cooking up a storm in the kitchen and fancy yourself as the next top baker? Even if you just cook for friends and family, as it’s something you enjoy, you need a kitchen that suits you and will help you reach your cooking potential. Here are the top features you need in your kitchen to keep up with the best baker’s in the country.

High Performance Ovens

Every keen cook needs a high performance oven. On the everyday market you can now find commercial grade ovens with technology to rival most professional kitchens. Many high performance ovens come with a range of oven types, from combi steam oven, combi microwave, single oven, warming drawer and a coffee machine; so you have everything you need to suit any recipe you tackle and of course enough coffee to keep you going on those long baking days.

Fridge Drawers

Cooler drawers are perfect for those who cook with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drawers are a more organised way of storing your food items, meaning you can order the produce correctly in accordance to recipe, freshness, or just because you like the appearance!

Food Mixer

Although not essential, a food mixer is every baker’s best friend. Making light work of any sponge, an electric mixer is versatile and can help ensure your cakes; meringues and scones are to die for.


Your kitchen worktop is a very important finishing touch. There are many types of worktops to choose from but when considering what to put in your kitchen you need to bear in mind many factors that may influence your decision. Worktops see lots of wear and tear; from scratches, dirt, water spillage and heavy equipment, so in order for a worktop to last you must ensure you choose a durable material.

Appearance and maintenance is also very important; as kitchens should be hygienic, you need your worktop to be easy to clean and easy to spot the dirt! Choosing a material like granite ensures durability, longevity, easy maintenance and it looks great too!

Quartz is also a great option. Quartz worktops are formed in such a way that you benefit from all the features of a granite worktop, but the composite of crushed quartz and resin mean you get the beautiful appearance of natural stone, an array of colours and textures.

These worktops are non-porous, scratch resistant, stain resistant and extremely hygienic. Hardwearing worktops will withstand daily use from a hardworking-baking enthusiast. Find out more about granite, marble and quartz worktops at suppliers such as Mister Marble.

Hi Tech Range Cooker

One of the large essentials you need is a cooker. Range cookers look great with country house charm, but as every experience cook knows they are not always reliable and your baking results can vary. Purchasing a Hi Tech Range cooker means you get the best of both worlds, charm and appeal, but with the most recent developments in high quality cooking.

Sleek Extractor

Above your new Hi Tech Range Cooker, you’ll need an extractor to match; sleek extractors provide high performance technology, high-absorption grease filter and super efficient motor. The sleek appearance and ambient LED strips make this the perfect addition to finish off your newly refurbished kitchen.

Quick Dry Dishwasher

Whether you’re preparing for a dinner party or you just LOVE to bake, you kitchen utensils, pots and pans need to be turned around quickly in order to keep up with demand! A quick dry dishwasher enables you to cook, clean and cook again quickly. New technology that senses level of dirt and grim and sets the dishwasher accordingly means dishes are cleaned effectively and efficiently.

Once you’ve stocked up with all these essentials, you’ll have a kitchen to rival all of the Great British Bake Off’s contestants – so there’ll be no excuse for anything less than the perfect bake!

Maria Simpson

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