Add a New Dimension of Luxury to Your Home: How to Decorate with Candles

Add a new dimension of luxury to your home: How to decorate with candles


Have you heard about Hygge? If not, where have you been? The Danish concept that is sweeping the UK (and pronounced hoo-gah just FYI) is all about comfort, cosiness, and enjoying the simple things in life. Think about that feeling you get when you put on your favourite snuggly jumper, crawl into fresh bed sheets or have your oldest friend over for a glass of wine, that’s Hygge. So this autumn we’re officially giving our homes a Hygge makeover. Creating a comfortable environment is important in achieving Hygge, we’re talking big chunky knit throws, fluffy cushions and rugs – add plenty of texture to your home. And then there’s candles which are 100% essential for creating that relaxing atmosphere with a homely feel.

Lately, we’ve gone crazy for the beautiful scents from the Cotswold Candle Company, perfect for burning on those chilly winter evenings.

Cotswold Candle Company

Started by Cotswold resident Polly Oswald, they specialise in beautiful, luxury hand poured candles.

cotswold-candle-co-pollyAll the candles are made from a safe mixture of soy and mineral waxes, enabling the best possible scents whilst keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. Everything from the wick to packaging is sourced in the UK, and they’re perfect for creating Hygge in your home!



Decorate your home with these gorgeous candles this autumn, dot a few around your living room, bathroom and bedroom. Wherever you take time out to relax in the house, should be home to a nearby candle! Create a luxury hotel vibe in your bathroom by adding a luxury Cotswold Company candle, along with plenty of fluffy towels, bath salts and a cotton robe. You’ll feel relaxed in no time, it’s no wonder the Danish are some of the happiest people in the world!

Have a look at our favourite fragrances from the Cotswold Candle Company!

how to decorate your home with scented candles

Cinnamon Orange & Clove

Oh what a beautiful Christmas scent! This is literally like smelling Christmas in a jar, and is absolutely perfect for this time of the year. The spicy mix of flavours offers a truly stunning fragrance, combined with the zingy citrus notes – we LOVE!


A gorgeous classic scent for those that love a floral fragrance. If you want to breathe in the smell of freshly cut English roses, and let’s face it why wouldn’t you? Then this is the one for you. We adore this candle, and can see it making the ideal gift for our gal pals this Christmas!

White Mulberry

Another sophisticated floral scent, the White Mulberry combines berry with notes of rose, mimosa, rosemary and jasmine. A firm favourite here at the YCB offices, we can’t get enough of it!

Lily of the Valley

There’s always something familiar about the scent of Lily of the Valley, and we couldn’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia when we breathed in this stunning fragrance. A fresh scent which combines the beautiful lily with rose, bergamot and white jasmine.

Not only do these fragrances offer scents to please all, they have an impressive burn time of 35 hours and come in the most beautiful packaging! A sophisticated yet simple black and white box with a super cute bow – they’re the perfect gifts to give to your loved ones…or yourself! We’ll take them all.


The whole collection of candles is shoppable at

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