Casacarta: Artsy Home Buys For a Luxurious Room Redo

Casacarta: Artsy home buys for a luxurious room redo

Rumour has it that we’re cheating on Scandinavian homewares. Our love for minimal design is wearing thin as we begin to obsess over more fun loving and playful objects for the home. If you’re feeling like your home needs a little spruce up, the solution can be a lot simpler than painting the walls and buying new furniture.

Home accessories can make all of the difference, especially unique décor pieces that fit together as a nice trio on a shelf or table. If you’re not familiar with the rule of 3, time to cozy up to it because it can transform the way you decorate and style a room.

Casacarta fit right at home with this playful approach to design. Their unique collections of home accessories are the very definition of artisan. Handmade and designed in the UK, their products feature various eye – catching, (literally) screen-printed patterns, ideal for adding a touch of quirky glamour to a room.

Casa Carta

Luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean refined and polished. It can also mean the unexpected, the cultivated or the dramatic. If you want to achieve a bold look, avoid the obvious and look for accessories or objects that evoke an element of surprise. Choosing accessories that have this kind of intrigue will make as much as a creative statement as hanging an amazing painting on the wall.

Finding unique accessories for the home can be difficult, let alone finding items that match nicely as a set. What’s clever about Casacarta’s artful accents is that the accessories all fit together and better yet, they double up as functional pieces; giving the right amount of practical charm to a table top or dresser.

Each Casacarta collection tells a little story of folklore or ancient culture, featuring golden bees and mystic suns on black or white porcelain and bone china, gold leaves on evergreen, or if you’re into warding off bad spirits, legend has it that the evil eye will protect your home from misfortune.

Casa Carta

Injecting this kind of imaginative personality into a space is exactly what makes a house a home. But getting the balance right can be tricky. It is possible to be chic and artsy at the same time, but the key is to make sure everything fits. It can be easy to overlook an object or accessory that has been sat on a shelf for a year or two, forgetting that actually it does not go with the rest of the room at all. Objects that have sentimental value often fall into this category; but if you move them to a different room you’ll see a dramatic difference.

Coco Chanel famously said,  “Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Depending on your interior style, this less is more attitude to accessorizing is a helpful way to control the balance of statement pieces within a room, especially when it comes to this new playful trend we’re seeing across interiors more and more.

Casa Carta

Having a uniting theme, whether that’s pattern or colour helps tie a room together, but what can give it that extra luxury feel is texture and high quality materials. Investing in accessories that are made with love and care will go a long way in making your home feel really luxurious and timeless. All of Casacarta’s products are made in the UK using fine bone china, porcelain and 22-carat gold and platinum leaf.

It’s time to let the accessories do the work and you’ll find you’ve achieved a luxury look with just the right amount of individuality.

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