How to Throw the Perfect Instagram-Worthy Picnic in True The White Company Style

How to throw the perfect Instagram-worthy picnic in true The White Company style

The White Company summer press event

The White Company summer press event

The White Company summer press event

As summer soars on, planning to take our meals outside of the confines of four walls is inevitable, but hosting the perfect picnic is something many people & brands alike try and fail at, sometimes heroically and other times abysmally. The White Company, unsurprisingly however, organised the ultimate summer soiree for London’s media that put any previous picnic parties to shame.

On a delightfully sunny London day, The White Company showed the YCB team, and the world (in fact) how to really throw an exceptionally refined Summer picnic which was complimented not only with their utterly gorgeous Outdoor Living wares also held in the ever picturesque grounds of the majestic Eltham Palace, which we were driven to (in style!) in complimentary The White Company big black cars, no less.

The White Company’s official goal for it’s annual Summer Entertaining event, was to bring together some of their favourite publishers, journalists and content producers to a real spring picnic, all the whilst showing off their wide range of shoppable outdoor decor, with fun activities, refreshing beverages and crowd pleasing BBQ food provided by none other than Tim Maddams, former Head Chef at The River Cottage.

The food table was covered in wood crates, boxes and trays with sprinkles of the typical The White Company aesthetics – white serving pieces and pots for a touch of modern contrasting and spread across the green grass areas where layers of beautiful summery blankets strategically placed underneath a variety of mixed print pillows, gorgeous picnic hampers and lanterns to make the event feel like a real sophisticated picnic in the park. We are obsessed with The White Company’s grey on grey woven picnic blankets which easily can be layered and the added Chambray seat pads thrown on top for cozy lounging.

The White Company summer picnic for press

So how does one conjure a fabulous Summer Picnic Event in the style of The White Company?  

Choose a location, which makes sense. 

You don’t necessarily have to host a picnic in a public park or venue to ensure a good turn out. You can host one on a rooftop, a beach (if you live in close proximity to one), a patio, a home garden or even indoors.

Make a list. 

Lists are fun and a great way to keep on track of a event like this, despite the party size. Make sure you write down exactly what you need to provide to make the event special, especially those small details which can make you super giddy, and most importantly, keep your ‘To Do List’ in one place so you don’t forget anything.

Layer blankets for seating. 

Mix patterned and striped blankets, or even cushions to create plush & comfortable patchwork seating. Layering blankets also helps to keep guests dirt-free, but steer clear of using white linens no matter how gorgeous they compliment your overall theme (grass stains are never a good look!)

Really think about your party food & keep it simple. 

Handheld food and buffet are always the easiest and fun option, whilst providing foods which will last like crisps, grain salads and dips like bean dip or hummus can be cost effective.

Pair food with refreshing drink options. 

Make infused water by adding lemon, melon, cucumber, mint or even frozen berries is perfect as a base for both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages. Serve in Drinks Dispenser for easy carrying. If you want to find exact matches for your picnic meals, head to a local upper like 31 Dover who can help you plan your drinks around your specific dishes.

Escape the heat. 

Always bring umbrellas to use as essential shade on really warm days and also to cover food.

Lighting is still important as is decorating the outside space. 

Luckily for The White Company, their picture-perfect venue came complete with Eltham Palace’s Head Gardener! For more humble folk, stringing twinkle alfresco lights around your space is key to achieving the finished look or try these gorgeous lanterns which look great as a table centrepiece as well as dotted around walkways.

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