8 Signs You’re Probably Addicted to Coffee

8 signs you’re probably addicted to coffee

A caffeine addiction is no joke…

signs you are addicted to coffee

Ever felt like you’re hooked on coffee? Or like you can’t start your day without a cup of joe…or maybe three? You and me both. And we might just be a little addicted. Good thing there’s a company called Gourmesso out there that not only will contribute to our morning habit but can also help us look out for the warning signs that we’re relying just a little too much on that first cup. So here are a few signs that you and coffee just might be a little too close for comfort. Even if the feeling of that first taste of coffee just can’t compare to anything else.

1. You count down until you can have that first cup of coffee in the morning. Usually starting right as you open your eyes and wonder why you can’t intake coffee in an IV while you sleep.

2. Your coworkers know not to talk to you until after the first cup, if not later.

3. There’s a pretty good chance your bloodstream feels like it’s about 95% liquid coffee beans.

4. And an even better chance that you’re not a morning person without a cup of coffee right after you wake up.

5. No coffee? No functionality.

6. You’re irritable without it, and after four hours without coffee you get a headache.

7. You have one mug to rule them all and it feels almost dire if your coffee or caffeine isn’t drank out of it.

8. And finally, you’re incredibly specific about how you take it. You won’t settle for less-anything less.

Obviously, there are more signs that you’re hooked on caffeine but the above are just a few possibilities. And I know that I fall into the category of more than a few of these but usually I try to drink tea instead. Unless I really need that extra jolt. So what’s Gourmesso doing about this?

They’re creating coffee pods that are fair trade and organic, making you feel a little less terrible about amping up on the coffee before your big meeting as well as loading up so you can be a real human being on a Monday morning. And they have a variety of flavours for any way you take your coffee in the morning. It’s a win win if you ask me. Plus, their pods are frankly adorable. And they’re space efficient as well, making it easier to use counter space for things that actually matter.

So how do you function in the morning and when did you know that your mornings just weren’t as sane without it?

Dana Zillgitt

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