The Ultimate Breakfast Tea Comes From JING

The ultimate breakfast tea comes from JING


Our afternoon tea breaks at Your Coffee Break have just gone up to a new level, thanks to JING and their wonderful selection of flowering, and fruit teas. We’re big tea lovers here at YCB, so we’re always keen to try out new flavours, especially when they arrive with a teapot set so cute we could squeal.

Jing Tea

Jing Tea

Just how pretty is this flowering tea below? Totally Instagram-worthy! We gazed in amazement as we poured boiling water over the bulb and watched it unravel into a beautiful, delicate flower. Our tea will never be the same again! Also known as ‘blooming tea’ these flowering teas originate from Fuijan, China, where the flower tying skills reside. Did you know they are actually tied by hand? Impressive to say the least, and they taste just as wonderful as they look. Be sure to wait until the flower is fully infused before you drink! Your water must be boiling in order for the bulb to do so – and then, enjoy.

Jing Tea Flowering Tea

We also had the delight of testing out the gorgeous blackcurrant and hibiscus fruit tea from JING, another delicious fruity flavour, extremely refreshing on a summers day.

And we must mention, the stunning teapot set, created by the tea masters themselves! A modern, attractive set that will look fantastic in any kitchen. The bamboo tray is the perfect ‘brewing’ station, and the teapot holds just enough for two delicious cups of JING tea! Perfect when you’ve got your bestie over for a catchup. 

Jing Tea

Jing Tea

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