Finding the Perfect Colour Palette For Your New Home

Finding the perfect colour palette for your new home  

Finding the perfect colour palette for your new home

If you’re moving into a brand new pad and faced with a blank canvas, the first essential step to creating a living space you’ll love is selecting your colour palette! This fundamental factor will influence every other aspect of your home’s design – from furniture and fittings to appliances and pretty decorative home buys – which really makes this the biggest decision of the decorating process.

Feeling overwhelmed by the options available to you, or simply need some inspo to get the wheels in motion? We’ve got a few ideas! Take a look at some of our favourite colour schemes, and find out more about how you can use different colours and shades to add the right kind of atmosphere to your property.


Channel the cool, clean ambience of Scandi chic with a colour scheme dominated by soothing off-white shades, supplemented by a touch of beige in all the right places. Wooden furniture in maple or pine will add some understated cool to any Scandi-style home, with some matt white wall tiles and pale linen upholstery completing the look. White is a shade typically associated with purity, cleanliness and sophistication – all of which your home will emanate when you opt for this crisp and elegant colour combo.

Spice pot

Combining brightly patterned textiles and intricate tiling with some deep, rich colour choices is the key to transforming your home in to a Moroccan paradise. A colour scheme based on autumnal shades (like burgundy and amber) has all the makings of modern Moroccan chic – and you’ll love adding some ornate finishing touches, such as encaustic tiles and copper lanterns. Shades of red are known to evoke warmth, energy and passion. Introduce these ideas to your pad by adding a pinch of spice to your colour palette.


Ideal for creating a sense of balance and harmony throughout your home, green is an understandably popular shade in the world of interior design and we’re all about bringing the outside in. Naturally, a vibrant assortment of herbs and plants are an effective and affordable way of bringing some green into any room – but there are other options available if you’d like your home to be a centre of love and restoration. Upcycled antiques in deep, mossy shades will add an air of vintage class to your property, while some carefully selected accessories in springtime colours will take this up another notch.

Parma violets

If you’re looking to upgrade your place and make it so much more sophisticated, pastel shades are the way forward. Decorating a room with delicate shades like pink, mauve and lilac will result in the best kind of interior – especially when coupled with fresh flowers and dainty homeware. Le sigh! Pinks are symbolic of nurture and femininity, whereas violet and similar shades are synonymous with luxury and spirituality. So, to make your home a sanctuary of refinement and relaxation, we will always recommend a pastel-based palette.

Ocean floor

Serenity is a highly sought-after quality in any living space, giving the homeowner an ideal environment for resting and relaxing in peace. A colour scheme dominated by bright blues and cyans, with furniture, floor tiles and appliances adorned in these calming shades, is a great start – and you’ll be especially thankful for this cool palette in the warmer summer months. Creating a luxurious focal point with some blue quartz tiling will help you to avoid watering down your home design – and a selection of accessories in beautiful tinted glass will add some welcome texture to the mix.

From making an instant and unforgettable impact to creating a tangible sense of calm in your home, a powerful colour scheme will always play a vital role. Whatever shade suits your place the best, the key is to find a unique palette you’ll love living in for years to come.

Charlotte Giver

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