How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to choose the perfect engagement ring

The engagement ring – it’s perhaps the most important purchase you’ll ever make, signifying a lifelong commitment. It should be as perfect and as long-lasting as the marriage it marks the beginning of.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring with Laings of Glasgow

Picking the perfect engagement ring for your bride is enough to instil panic in the most confident groom-to-be, the right ring is the start of a lifetime of happiness after all! Luckily, we are currently working with Scotland’s oldest family jeweller, Laings of Glasgow, and together we have put together some helpful tips to guide bewildered ring-hunters through the process, helping you to pick out the right ring to accompany that all important question.

Know Your Budget

Laings have a dazzling selection of rings, no matter what your budget! An engagement ring is a really personal thing, so opting for custom halo rings would really be a great idea. It’s not always about the money, but finding the right custom engagement rings will be the best choice for your future wife. Think about what style of ring is going to be perfect first, then explore different budget options. If it’s the diamond design of her dreams she won’t be worried about the bill.

Dare To Be Different…

Laings of Glasgow

Laings knows that whilst a sparkling diamond is classic, timeless and the most popular choice, your bride-to-be may prefer something from their wonderful range of coloured gemstones. A touch of colour can be a beautiful option for a fiancée who likes to stand-out. From romantic morganite, to stunning sapphires and beautiful ruby, coloured stones add a really unique element to any ring.

…Or Keep It Classic

Classic engagement rings from Laings of Glasgow

If it is a dazzling diamond that would get the answer ‘YES!’ then Laings have an outstanding range of diamonds in all different shapes and sizes. If buying an engagement ring is your first venture into the world of diamonds you should know that it’s all about the 4 C’s: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

Carat: This is the unit used in measuring the weight of a diamond, with one carat equalling 0.2 grams.

Colour: The colour of diamonds are measured using an alphabetical scale beginning at D. Anything above a grade G is described as a ‘colourless’ diamond.

Clarity: Clarity refers to the purity and appearance of the stone. Right at the top of the scale you have IF or internally flawless. A stone with a VS2 clarity is a really good starting point.

Cut: Choosing the cut of your diamond, is less technical and more fun! It’s all about personal style and preference, the look you’d like for your ring. The round cut is the most popular, but you can also find stunning styles in oval, princess, and pear cuts.

Select Your Style

Choosing the perfect engagement ring with Laings of Glasgow

There’s so many beautiful styles of engagement rings on offer that it can make things seem confusing, but with a little thought it’s not really too difficult to pick out the perfect sparkler.

Do a little research on the wide variety of rings styles on offer, from solitaire to trilogy, halo to vintage-inspired, the chances are one style will jump out at you as the perfect fit.

Choose A Precious Metal

Will you choose traditional yellow gold? Or go for white gold or platinum? How about a chic rose gold choice? It really comes down to personal preference, but each have their own selling points, for instance platinum is the strongest. Don’t let this put you off the ‘golds’ though. Yellow gold is often seen as a traditional choice and rose gold is particularly stylish at the moment!

Seal The Deal

The hard part is over, you have selected your ring! Congratulations! Now onto the slightly less exciting particulars…

Don’t forget about the more serious details. It’s important to sort out warranties, insurance and diamond certificates for your precious purchase. After all that ring hunting it would be silly not to!

Laings of Glasgow

Happy shopping…and good luck!

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