Revive the 70’s with David Hunt Lighting

Revive the 70’s with David Hunt Lighting

David Hunt Lighting

Ikea, eat your heart out. The 70s are back in the heart of the home, with dazzling inventions to both chic and cheek-ify your interior deco. The flared jeans may not have made a comeback, but subtly eccentric decorations most certainly have. And for this trend, I am extremely grateful (my retro giraffe clock, a decoration choice that I have long been questioned and judged for, now looks WAY more en vogue).

David Hunt, the brand behind our latest pineapple crush, is one of Britain’s oldest (and loveliest) bespoke lighting manufacturers. And my, do they mean business. My first tour of their website was enough to make me go green as a raw avocado. All kinds of swirly, rustic, and elegant creations flashed across my line of vision, twinkling guiltily as if to say “we know we’re pretty, but we can’t help it. Just look at us!”. These lamps were simply stunning. And if you don’t believe me, I urge you to take a look.

Founded in the early 1800s, when Charlotte Bronte was still penning Jane Eyre and the lovely Jane Austen had just released Pride and Prejudice, David Hunt started their magnificent journey of illuminating the lives of lucky Englishmen.

All of their lamps are handcrafted and hand-finished using traditional techniques (that’s right, from the 1800s. So you’re essentially sporting a piece of historical know-how in your living room.) To top this off, they’ve just released the funkiest, trendiest, cheekiest lamp imaginable: The Ananas lamp. This glorious, versatile creation will light up any living room (as expected), whilst keeping the indomitable spirit of the 70s stayin’ alive.

David Hunt Lighting

The lamp itself comes in bronze or steel, and you can order an overwhelming array of 17 colours. Gone are the times of mismatched carpets, curtains, and furniture. Gone are those moments when you innocently invite someone into your living room, only to realise that it looks like a patchwork blanket. You can and will find your perfect colour, because there are so many to choose from.

The silk shade is just another example of how this lamp is just gloriously luxurious. I’d like to think that this is in the-highly unlikely-event that you may one day like to stroke your lamp. Or perhaps you’re just too highbrow for normal lampshades. In any case, the Ananas Table lamp is a game-changer. If you’re still in doubt, here are some examples of how you can use it:

The cocktail bar: 

As outlined below, the lamp works perfectly at a drinks bar. It is minimalistic, no-fuss, and quirky to the core. The bronze version will also play off any gold fittings that you may have trilling around your living room, so the overall effect is quite impressive.

The Entrance Lamp:

You know those quaint little tables you come across in the entrances of beautiful houses? This lamp would compliment them perfectly, not least because the moment someone enters your house, they know that they’re in the house of someone who lives fabulously. You own a pineapple lamp. That is enough information to impress any incoming visitor.

The I’m-too-cool Desk Lamp:

The Ananas table lamp could also work extremely well as a desk lamp. Not only would it help you light your desk (an essential task), but every time you look up from your work you’ll be reminded that you are a free-thinker with great taste.

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