Novikov to Host Unique Valentine’s Day Masquerade

Novikov to host unique Valentine’s Day masquerade

Novikov to host Valentine's Day masquerade

Let’s all be very honest about this. Whether it’s with your beau or a bunch of your favourite female friends (shake your head, but you know un-favourite friends are real!), we’ve all dreamed of heading to a masquerade party. And even better, one in London’s Mayfair! Le sigh!

And what Novikov is offering up on a plate (literally) isn’t even for Val day (yes, I can call it that. We’re pals.). It’s the day before. It’s the equivalent, in muggle terms, of Hermione Granger using time-turners to attend two lessons at the same time. You get to attend Valentine’s Day. Twice.

Novikov Valentine's Day masquerade

If you’re with a special someone, you don’t even have to forfeit the big event. And if you aren’t? You can waltz on home at 3 am, and prepare to have the best day ever, whether that’s partying with your sass buddies, doing a movie marathon of the soppiest and most tear-inducing blockbusters while surrounded by teddy bears, or awkwardly heading to a I-don’t-know-you-but-maybe-you’re-my-boyfriend-now third date.

Reminiscent of the annual Venice carnival (yes!), Novikov’s Valentine’s Day masquerade is going to be incredible. You know why? It has all the ingredients:


The surefire ingredient for a great night is a well prepared drink. If there’s prosecco in it, all the better.

3-Course Meal:

Head chef Marco Torri (who, by the way? The man just looks positively glowing.) will be preparing 3 gourmet dishes for party guests. Italian dishes. Which means that they will all, somewhat inevitably, be delicious.

Fire Eaters:

So… Objectively speaking, I’m really struggling to make this sound anything other than awesome. People. Who. Eat. Fire. If that isn’t entertaining, then I am a dishcloth.


This event is idyllic. You will be surrounded by delicious food, delicious people, people eating fire, and fiery tunes (couldn’t resist). You are literally in paradise. But it gets better yet:


Yes, and good DJs. So you won’t be listening to gross, sipp-more-champagne-to-obliviate tunes. They will be good. The party will be booming. And you, my friend, will be standing there, dancing, in a mask, looking fab. You are literally owning Val day.

Not just for the foodies.

Yes that’s right. The entire event is only £130 (think about the food, the delicious food), but even if you’d rather stay at home and cook yourself a respectable soup, you can head over later for just 50 pounds. And you still get: Bellini, Canapés, Dancing, DJs. So really, what are you waiting for? Sign up, before it’s too late. Because soon, Val day will have passed, and with it, this spectacular opportunity to enhance your greatness.

Masks and costumes optional, but encouraged!

Location: Novikov Restaurant & Bar, 50 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8HA 

For more information, visit:

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